Live Performance

Looking for the hottest Miami rental space for private parties, concerts, festivals, and music events? Soho Studios is a venue in Miami that has it all.

Soho Studios can set the stage for any type of private musical performance. Our large private venue has the capacity to host several thousands of guests for your private event.

The perfect backdrop for a private party, Soho Studios creates the ideal space to get guests excited.

International superstar or local up-and- coming artists, standing room only or numbered seating, the flexibility of our spaces will be music to your ears.

This location is the answer you need for your next large concert or festival in Miami. During the Winter Music Conference in Miami there's always a huge event at this space. This is also true for the various popular Miami music festivals throughout the year. Soho Studios is on the scene and those in the industry know our space can handle the crowds. 

It's time you checked out Soho Studios in Miami - the perfect location for private concerts, DJs, music festivals and much more.

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