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Entertainment for events - DJ Shadow, LCD Soundsystem, The XX

Smart event planners know how important the role of entertainment is to a successful event. Whether the event is the wedding of the year or a 50,000 person music festival, entertainment can be the glue that holds all of the other event elements together. The choice of the entertainment for events is influenced by various factors, the biggest one being the role that the entertainment for a particular event will play. For example if you are producing an event, such as a large scale live concert, it is important to select entertainment that you know will help to sell tickets and pack the house.

Entertainment for Events

The past weekend at the III Points event in Miami, DJ Shadow performed an amazing show at a large scale venue in Miami. Other notable performances by LCD Sound System front man James Murphy and Jamie XX from The XX were also included in the 3 day long music and arts festival. Although this was the first year for the music festival, these events were highly attended due to the entertainment selection.

Entertainment can be used for creating the hype prior to the event. In this case entertainment is used to publicize the event and draw many people to the event, For example an event planner can invite a celebrity guest host, like a musician or a comedian to be part of an event and offer entertainment to guests. Many people are likely to be drawn to the event if their favorite celebrity is going to be there.

Another very important function of entertainment in an event is that it breaks the monotony and reduces boredom in an event. A concentration of serious talks and business of the event can cause boredom to the invited guests. This calls for entertainment to be integrated in the business of the day. For example a poem by an artist can be integrated between different speeches. Performance of musicians could be integrated between different sections as this kind of entertainment may require a little bit of reorganization of the stage. For this role of entertainment to be achieved it is important that the planning team for an event allocate time wisely. In addition the choice of the entertainment at a given time should be very considerate.

Entertainment for events also plays the role of communicating the theme of the event. This occurs majorly in events such as launch parties, promotions and community related events. In this case, a poem can have the theme of an event and lead the participants towards a given direction. If entertainment is playing this role then the cost and time allocated to it can be increased as more benefits will be reaped. It is very essential for a company to pre determine the cost of entertainment so that the cost used in entertainment for an event does not outweigh the benefits reaped.  The planning team should also source for entertainment that is quality but also considerably cheap.

Event Promotion

Event Promotion

All the efforts into event planning will be useless if the targeted market does not attend the event. This brings in a concept called event promotion. Promoting an event is making the people that are targeted by the event organizers not only to attend, but also to want to attend. Over the years event organizers have come up with ideas that have not only made their events successful, but also memorable.

There have been panel discussions at Winter Music Conference by leaders in the IDM music industry and concert promotion offering their experience in event promotion.

Event Promotion

Here are some ideas to get you going…

Be Concise in the Advertisement Media

You probably have been given a flyer of an event at one point in your life. How much of the information do you read? A paragraph utmost? This is precisely why your advertisement media should be brief and clear. You must communicate what you want to pass on in your event promotion material within the first sentence.

Promotion Transfers

This is like the student exchange program, only this time it is with the media stations such as TVs and radios. What happens here is that you promise to promote them on your flyers if they slot in an ad of your event in their programs. Remember radios and TVs have a very wide reach to targeted people. Actually, they are the best form of event promotion there is today.

Social Media

This is the newest method of event promotion. A good example will be opening a page on Facebook for your event, link it with your website and other social media platforms such as twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Social media has a very wide reach. If you are able to market your event well on social media, it will be an instant success. You can give discounted tickets to people that like your event page on Facebook.

Concentrate on your Target Audience

Do not waste a lot of the resources allocated to the event promotion budget on people who may not attend your event. The industry standard is spending 70% of your event promotion budget on the target audience. If you are promoting a religious convention, concentrate on Christian media and websites to get the message across. Promoting the event in sports websites is counterproductive…you get the drift.

Get your Facts Right

There is nothing that has a devastating effect on events’ attendance like a sudden change of venue or participants. If your promotion material says person ‘X’ will be addressing the meeting or band ‘Y’ will be performing or the event will take place at venue ‘A’, please let these facts be right. A sudden change of the facts as per your event promotion material will make your event look disorganized. People like being associated with events that are properly organized. Do your best to keep your word as shown in your event promotion material. This industry is built on reputation and if yours is good, you will find organizing and promoting events an easy task.

Prepare for any Eventuality

It is expected that things will not go as expected in major events. As an events promoter, you should be prepared for these eventualities with an alternative program. You should have a plan A, B, and C for any event that you are promoting.

Interactive Art Installation at London Royal Hospital

Experiential marketing uses computerized art that engages the viewer in a way that the participant becomes one with the art. According to how the viewer reacts, the outcome of the image changes. It’s a wonderful opportunity to use art as a backdrop that creates a dialogue between the creator and the viewer and can be used to convey any sort of message or theme. Rather than being a mere spectator, the participant has a direct role to play making the experience challenging and memorable. There is a venue in Miami that draws large crowds as a central location for large marketing events.

In the UK, an arts organization commissioned the creation of interactive games on a giant TV screen on display at the London Royal Hospital. As an experiential marketing installation, it receives a lot of visitors and publicity, which can only be good for the hospital’s image and brand. The experience is great fun for the children as they interact with the ever-changing scene. In this hospital setting, it is not only a marketing tool as it is geared towards providing the exercise and physical therapy suited to children with varying ailments.

Watch Video – Woodland Wiggle at London Royal Hospital

Working with sensors, the interactive marketing events in Miami gauge the conditions of the area such as movement within the room, variances in temperature and changing distances. Other variables can be programmed into the installation meant to trigger certain types of responses or activity. The communication that takes place between the viewer and the computer produce a totally new type of dialogue with its own interpretation.

As with all marketing concepts, experiential marketing leads the audience or the participant towards an intended theme or message. By creating a real-time interactive experience with the viewer, the message projected on the wall or screen is personalized and internalized in a much deeper way than a more traditional method of marketing the same concept.

Interactive print ads from Vogue

One effect of the Digital Age is that people are becoming more stimulated than ever. From a marketing perspective, it is becoming more apparent that new methods are needed to get a consumer’s attention, maintain their attention, and then get them to buy. To respond to shift in consumer response, marketing gurus are now using experiential marketing techniques to appeal to consumers.

What Is Experiential Marketing And Why Does It Work?

Experiential marketing is an approach to communicating a product or service that invokes one or more of the five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. Traditional forms of distance marketing, such as television and radio ads are being replaced with more unique methods, such as outdoor displays and exhibits, street performances, and augmented reality demonstrations.

To understand experiential marketing on a small scale, consider the popularity of perfume samples and “scratch and sniff” opportunities in magazines. Magazines are now starting to get even more personal. The interactive print ads developed for Vogue.com are great examples. One ad for eye makeup allows the consumer to place the camera on their mobile device over an image of a model who is wearing a particular brand of eye makeup. The consumer is able to view the step-by-step process of creating the look.

Watch the Vogue campaign - Interactive Print Ads from Vogue

There are five key reasons why this experiential marketing campaign works:

- Connects consumers with the product

- Offers an opportunity to experience the product

- Highly likely to generate word-of-mouth

- Educates consumers about the product

- Intensifies the product’s brand message

To see experiential marketing in action, all you have to do is attend one or more of the surplus of social events in Miami. Although more rare, but increasing in usage, experiential marketing campaigns are also starting to crop up in unusual venues in Miami such as street corners and shopping malls. In both instances, the product or service is introduced in the consumer’s natural habitat.


Experiential marketing is now in its infancy, but is sure to gain usage as consumers continue to demand more of a deeper experience with products and services. It shouldn't surprise you if you walk down the street and have an opportunity to have a face-to-face encounter with a product or service.

Red Bull's Parchute Jump from Space

With experiential marketing, you can leave audiences begging for your next advertisement. By creating entertaining and astonishing ads, you will have a fan base that is loyal and ready to spread your work for you. Once the game changing Red Bull Stratos free fall became an online sensation, experiential marketing has become the holy grail of advertising in the digital age.

What was the Red Bull Stratos?

The Red Bull Stratos was an exceptional case in experiential marketing. The event was first made public in 2010, and it finally went live in October 2012. The Stratos featured Felix Baumgartner making a record breaking free fall through the stratosphere. Since then, the stunt has become famous for featuring the first person to break the sound barrier without an aircraft.

How has the Stratos helped Red Bull?

Since the Stratos stunt first appeared, Red Bull has become synonymous with technologically advanced stunts. The video, which can be seen here, has received nearly 35 million views and a high amount of acclaim. The video trended instantly on popular sites such as Reddit and Facebook along with multiple high ranking international sites as well.

With such an event as the Stratos, people will be much more willing to support Red Bull products in return for even more similar stunts. Their marketing campaign is now seen with anticipation. Instead of turning down the volume on a commercial, people are now anxiously awaiting to see what Red Bull will do next.

Experiential marketing in a venue in Miami

Experiential marketing is the technique of the future. By connecting with your audience on a personal level, you will be able to reap the benefits of loyalty, positive responses, and a strong social media presence. If you are planning for your next marketing event, then use Soho Studios to knock it out of the park. As one of the largest event space Miami, Soho Studios is ideal for concerts, trade shows, and other experiential marketing events.

With a photography studio Miami, you can ensure that your next marketing event has a truly professional sheen. With your creativity and Soho Studio's expert planning, you will be able to create a remarkable advertisement that grabs everyone's attention. For party venues Miami and more, contact Soho Studios to bring your work to the next level today.

Jane's Addiction Concert Comes Alive with LG 3D

“Jane Says” it's time to take rock concerts to the next level, and that's exactly what Jane's Addiction did in 2011. Featuring the LG Thrill 4G smartphone, 100 lucky fans got to document the July 25, 2011 show. Concert goers poured into New York's Terminal 5 in Hell's Kitchen to be a part of this first ever 3D concert film. As the band played old favorites like “Mountain Song” along with new takes including “The Great Escape Artist,” their every move was documented using the powerful technology of the LG Thrill 4G by AT&T.

Check out the video here....Jane's Addiction Concert in 3D

From an experiential marketing standpoint, this fan based experience was a marketing power play. In addition for getting the LG Thrill 4G into the hands of 100 super fans who are already at the peak of adrenaline rushes and ready to make life long memories, the phone company created an interactive marketing explosion. The resulting takes were compiled to create a video of the concert event that would attract Jane's Addiction fans, as well as cell phone users interested in the 3D technology. As a win-win-win, the band Jane's Addiction equally sourced exposure through the 3D lens.

Imagine being able to bring your product or service to life using similar forms of interactive technology. Fortunately for events in Miami you have access to the prestigious Soho Studios venue space. A multi- functional 65,000 sq. ft. affords you plenty of opportunities for generating buzz and exploring alternative advertising methods as used by LG and Jane's Addiction in their 3D concert film. Combine your ingenuity and the array of functions offered at Soho Studios, the premiere of venues in Miami.

Whether you want to create a commercial, an interactive marketing campaign, or unforgettable event that will generate interest in your brand, Soho Studios is at the top of their game for available spaces to host a party in Miami. No holds barred at this stylish location, which has been the go to venue for such names as Absolut, Evian and American Apparel. There is a reason that annual events including the Ultra Music Festival, Miami Fashion Week and Art Basel Miami choose Soho Studios for their events in Miami. Discover that reason for yourself.

How to start a Flash Mob

Flash mobs are one of the most exciting things you can experience while out and about in public. The excitement is not only intended for the ones participating in the flash mob, but also for the ones who are clueless of what is going on around them. There are many details that go into planning one, so here is a list from abc.com to follow before planning your next flash mob.


There are some ideal places to hold your flash mob:

- a mall

- a park

- a restaurant

- an outdoor cafe

If you hold it during lunchtime or after work hours at one of the venues in Miami, you'll be sure to get more people involved, and more people to be there to experience it. There are many events in Florida that will cause more people than usual to gather at a specific time, such as Art Basel Wynwood. There are many party venues Miami that would be great locations. Be sure to check with security or property managers beforehand to make sure they will allow it, and for any potential safety hazards.


The more people who participate in it, the better. Use social media, email, text, and call everyone you know. Get people of all ages involved--it's fun to see the unexpected person get up and dance. Make sure that you clearly relay all of the details to everyone involved.


Choose an appropriate place to practice, such as an available event space Miami, or an available photography studio Miami. After you've chosen a secret location, and communicated it to everyone involved, you should practice as much as possible. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the dance before you go out and perform it. Some people have more dance experience than others, so take that into consideration. Always remember to be patient--this is fun, and not a serious event.

Flash mobs are spontaneous and fun for everyone, but never expect everything to be perfect. If you follow these simple instructions, it should be blazing the internet faster than you can say, "What's happening?"

How to go viral on Pinterest

Going viral on Pinterest can get thousands of eyes on your event page in a matter of hours. Whether your party is taking place in one of the hottest venues in Miami or if you're celebrating in one of the many other available spaces to host a party in Miami, getting your page to go viral can increase your exposure to potential attendees and can result in bringing in a huge crowd.

One of the most important things to do when trying to get your page to go viral is to make a description that is both catchy and accurate. This might include adding in a pun or an exciting statement that will make people willing to share it with others by pinning it themselves. Take a look at other viral pages and get a good feel for what they have going on that makes them so popular in order to incorporate those same elements into your page.

Making your page Pinworthy

In order to go viral, you will need to have more than just a catchy title, your page will need enough substance that will make someone want to pin it. The best way to do this is to highlight the best parts of your venue or event, sometimes while adding no text in order to let the picture speak for itself. Many party planners in Miami do a great job of taking the pictures which they feel have the best chance of going viral and pinning them, and only them. When you pin too many things, something truly special may end up being lost in the mix.

You will also help yourself go viral on Pinterest by interacting a lot with other users. The more people you have following your page, the better chance you have that your material will go viral on the site since you already have a built in audience who can easily see anything you put up, allowing them to share it easily with others.

Facebook Checkin - A buzz worthy boost for venues in Miami

With over 1.1 billion active users, representing an increase in excess of 23 percent in the last year alone, and over 150 billion (yes, you read that right) friend connections, Facebook is THE social network. What do these numbers say, aside from suggesting how great it would have been for your bank account had you personally invented the social networking giant? In short, these staggering statistics suggest that if we're not harnessing the massive power of Facebook to increase attendance at our events, we are missing a major opportunity to promote and grow our businesses and brands.

Savvy event marketers consistently use Facebook to generate event awareness, drive registration and increase ticket sales through the creation of well-marketed Events pages. However, recent changes to Facebook now allow attendees to "Check In" live to events in Florida and all over the world, in the same way that they would to a physical place or venue on other social networking platforms. The result is exponential visibility: not only does an attendee's entire social network see the initial RSVP, but they also are reminded through the real-time check in that key events are happening right now at venues in Miami, and there's still time for them to get in on the action.

By encouraging your attendees to check in on Facebook during the registration process, you maximize the visibility of event spaces in Miami with minimal input and expense at your end. Users can also check in to the event location through Facebook's "Places" feature, which throws some high-profile attention in the direction of the venue hosting your event, as well.

If you're not using Facebook to promote your event--both through event RSVPs and check ins--you're missing out a major source of buzz. And as we all know in the world of event planning and venues, without buzz, you're bunk.

The YouTube Touch Experience

YouTube Touch videos can and should be a great part of any Miami experiential marketing campaign. These videos stand out and attract attention because they are different and enable a user to get involved in what is happening instead of simply sitting back and watching a short commercial. http://youtu.be/ywTgLeb4458

Skittles recently put up a video of this nature that enables a person to break household items and see which one contains a hidden load of Skittles. This particular video has been up for less than a month but has only gotten over 165,000 views and nearly 300 likes. Given the fact that viewers are up to 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a regular video about it, it is hard to imagine the high returns that can be gotten from a unique, interactive video that goes viral.

No matter what type of company you work for or run, you can use the YouTube Touch experience to engage viewers and generate an interest in what you have to offer. Toy companies can allow children to click on building blocks or Lego pieces and build items or scenes online. Travel agencies promoting events in Miami can showcase people at various events and allow users to choose where the people go and what they do. Gaming companies can use the same technology to promote online, Wii or other types of games. The possibilities are endless.

One of the best things about this type of marketing is that it costs nothing but brings in great results. On its own, YouTube Touch video technology can be quite effective in getting customers. At the same time, you can easily use these videos at an event promotion or at various outlets or venues in Miami. Doing so is sure to generate even more interest in your products and/or services.