Charity Venue Miami

We at Soho Studios are proud to offer our large venue in Miami and to coordinate for a charitable event. Soho Studios is a perfect venue in Miami for Charities that are looking for a great event space. Our venue in Miami has hosted many Charity events including Miami City Ballet Gala, Miami Children's Museum Gala, Miami Children's Foundation and many more.   There are so many valuable and important charities based in Miami and across the globe that recognize the excitement of Soho Studios and want to be include in our event roster. We have a team of professionals that will guide your organization through every step of the planning process at our venue. In addition to arranging catering, decor, production, valet, we can include your charitable event within our Internet marketing presence - which includes a vibrant social media strategy to get the word out.

There are many unique aspects to working with a charitable organization and we know those obstacles, so it makes the event smoother and worry free. With our flexible venue you have the ability to be as creative as you want. Why compromise your event when you can select our venue in Miami for your event.

This Miami event space is separated perfectly for those charitable events that demand multiple resources. Our space is ideal for including a presentation, seminar, or auction in one room, while hosting a dinner party in another room for your Miami charitable event.