Name Your Price!

Thank you for your interest in renting Soho Studios for your next event. Our clients typically budget between $10,000.00 per day during peak periods and as little as $5,000.00 per day during off-peak periods.

We encourage our clients to offer what they value for our venue per day. 

1. Tell us how much you want to pay.

2. Tell us how many days you need inclusive of load in and load out.

3. Wait for approval, and if approved we will send you a proposal confirmation. 

4. Best part, we will respond same day. 

Our Past Clients.

More Than Just a Venue

Competitive Pricing. High Speed Internet Available. Top Choice for Event Planners. Permitted Venue. Caterer based at Venue. 

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Soho Studios

2136 NW 1st Ave

Miami, FL 33127