Photography Studio Rental Miami  

Photo Studio in Miami

Imagine this … it’s fashion week in Miami and you’re the lead photographer. Time to get things going with an imaginative photo shoot that takes viewers all over the world. Pulling it off is no small task, but you’ve got 70,000 feet of space to work with.

Setting up a landscape how you want is the ultimate dream. Photographers can create Paris, Switzerland, New York, Miami and any other place imaginable. For an event, each city can have delectable delights that are native to the area. There’s enough room to create nightlife, club scenes and more.

Where can you do all of this in one venue? Try Soho Studios in Miami. It’s one of the best places to have events that create wonderful memories. For photographers, it’s a dream come true with enough room to shoot any backdrop they want.

The Right Place for Fun

Photographers need places where they can help their designs come to life. Not too far from the beaches, they can shoot multiple scenes. Sun and sand, nightlife and more. It’s no limit to what can be done in a venue built for success. It’s also a great place for a gallery showcase, or to teach a photography class where the students can learn how to develop their own pictures in a pop-up darkroom.

Local and international magazines flock to Soho Studios when they have big projects that need lots of room. The space can be compartmentalized as small as you need, or opened up for multiple shoots at one time. Multiple photographers can use the studio at one time to get the job done. Knowing there is an option to get a large photoshoot done in a day or two with no hassle is just the icing on the cake.

The team at Soho has relationships with vendors, caterers, lighting and prop companies to provide the ultimate settings that work. With so much to be done, there are teams of people that need to be on hand. This space allows the build-out of dressing rooms, makeup, offices, eating spaces and of course, the backdrops for the shoots. It’s a photographer’s dream come true.

Photography Studio in Miami

What happens at the end of a great photo shoot? A wrap party! Beyond the lights, when it’s time to wind down or turn up, there’s room for that too! Turn your space into your very own club-worthy space with music, food, and tons of people to help celebrate. From 200 to 2000, there’s room for everyone and then some. Soho Studios makes the magic work – overtime.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in front of a green screen, it’s time to take a trip on over to photographer’s row where you’ll find all the elements of a perfect magazine ad or commercial. It’s all in presentation and having the best spaces to pull it off. A Wynwood gem in the heart of the art district, photographers can celebrate their true calling in style – and space. Time to call the models. 

Soho Studios in Miami is the ideal location for photo shoots in South Florida. Our large facility has the potential to create many different unique layouts perfect for model photography, automobile photo shoots, furniture photo shoots, and many more options.

The over 65,000 square feet of industrial style space provides an amazing backdrop to any photo shoot in Miami.

You can choose between our three photo studios in Miami that can be arranged custom to your needs. There is plenty of room for parking and various access points to the property.

Our photo studios are private, making our photo studio in Miami a perfet location for celebrity photo shoots.

Photography in Miami has blossomed over the years and photographers from across the globe visit the Miami area. We are host to local photographers setting up studios in Miami as well as out of state companies bringing their own photographers. There are endless possibilities to creating a custom photo studio at Soho Studios in Miami. We have the largest photo studio in Miami that can be used for any type of photo shoot.

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