The Armory

The Armory is a great event space in Miami, ideal for venue for concerts, sporting events, galas, film shoots, product launches, brand awareness campaigns, photo shoots or as a private event space. The Armory event space in Miami is 32,785 square feet with the capacity to thousands of peoples. This is the most popular event space in Miami for corporate events and other commercial events. This large event space is situated in the center of the property and easily accessible to the complementary parking spaces on the premises.  

Take a Google look at our see inside tour of our event space in Miami.

There are various uses that The Armory can be used for and the other spaces can be used to support the main event space. For example, if The Armory is being used as a film studio for a movie production, the other spaces can be used for supplies, crew, photography, corporate offices, wardrobe space, dining halls, edit room, or any other needed function. This event space is so large, and it allows for having many uses on the same premises. This is also useful when hosting a large event, such as a concert or festival. The main event for general admission can be in The Armory, while the smaller spaces can be arranged as VIP, staff, and other private gathering rooms. Also, a Miami festival might choose to setup a main stage and feature artists and events in other areas on the property.

Armory South Courtyard

Armory West Courtyard

Our event space is perfect for Fashion Shows, Galas, Concerts, Photo Shoots, Art Exhibitions, Meetings, Private Events and much more. 

Miami is synonymous Sun, Beach and, Events. South Beach and Miami have created a reputation as a place for expression and a place for the arts. Among the places where people visit in Miami to take the time to reflect, there are many venues in Miami for people and businesses to create an event that won't be forgotten. 

Once you have determined the date of your event. By choosing our Miami event space early, you’ll be able to ensure your event is a success. It is especially important to book our Miami event space early as our venue fills up quickly.

When it comes to planning a celebration event space at our venue in Miami, it's important to know that most people prefer to come to an event that takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you are looking to plan any other event at our event space then any other day during the week is perfect.

At our event space you will find privacy and the wow factor that guests will rave about for years. Soho Studios is the best Miami event space. Our venue is an untraditional venue.