Event Space and Party Halls for Rent in Miami

Sometimes, you need space. We get it: There’s never too big of a plan. Soho Studios in Miami packs the event space, party hall layouts and interior amenities you need to create awesome, packed events. Whether you’re at the heart of Miami or a city newcomer, you’re always guaranteed a unique experience at Soho Studios.

Amaze Your Guests, One Event at a Time

Can you say, “Party?” Soho Studios event halls feature enough space for community events, social gatherings and long-term banquet rollouts. Because Soho Studios features a fresh take on modern event halls, every event is fleshed out with awesome layouts and options in proximity to hotels. Miami’s weather is fantastic, and you needn’t confine your event goers into isolated halls. Get them involved at Soho Studios, and introduce them to our area’s leading attractions.

A Space for Any Occasion

Plan a musical extravaganza, hire a comedian or host small, intimate events. Our event hall spaces are perfect for any intimacy level, and we’re always ready to map out interior setups before the ball gets rolling. If you want a grant extravaganza, check out a few large-scale event options. You’d be surprised what a little extra space can provide.

It isn’t your regular event space. Rather, Soho Studios is your one-stop shop for creative indulgence. High ceilings, an industrial feel and built-in skylights frame the location, giving you the freedom to fill in the picture. Host product launches, private dinners or brand exhibitions. We've seen it all, from pop-up events to banquets and trade shows. Every occasion is a chance to boost brand awareness. You simply need to pack a little creativity.

Rent, and Save Money

Who needs a permanent space? We’re offering our location for rent, giving you total financial control. Don’t get stuck with an empty banquet hall. Purchase one for the time you need. Then, plan out your brand’s finest hour with our team. We take care of everything else, giving you the creative freedom needed to strategize your product placement, dinner options and overall feel.

Soho Studios event spaces can be transformed to meet high-end corporate event needs. That said, every event is a memorable occasion. Let our team lay out the options, and maximize your investment from the ground up. Perfect for ceremonies and experiential events, Soho Studios event spaces are great options for once-in-a-lifetime engagements.

Discover more, and check out the many options available. At Soho Studios, you’re our family. You’re not only getting an event space. You’re getting flawless services, a surrounding chic neighborhood, close proximity to Wynwood’s finest events, on-site coordination services and a partnership with today’s leading experiential marketing gurus.

If you want the versatility to scale your events at will, an epicenter of entertainment, a highly intimate setting and fantastic services, check out options. We’re sporting a high-tech inventory of audio and visual equipment, and we’re always geared up to make a social impact. Even if the event lasts a night, it’ll be the most memorable night of your guests’ lives. Soho Studios offers a concierge service, partnering with STARR Catering Group. At every angle, we’ve got you covered with luxury experiences.