Soho Studios is the premier Miami film and television studios. Our space is in high demand and very desirable because of our convenient floor plan and ideal space for lighting, equipment, and prep space. Miami is one of the country's hottest film shoot locations because of the beautiful scenery, amazing weather, and glamorous resources. Soho Studios has years of experience and seamless integration of production for short-term as well as long-term film shoots.

Our film studio facility boast over 65k square feet, our main area is a sprawling 35k square feet. This space is know as The Armory for film and television production.

The Soho Studios property can be adapted to meet very specific film and television production needs. There are several spaces at Soho and each can have a separate function and therefore eliminate the often common need for a studio to rent more than one property in Miami. Soho Studios can be your one stop shop for your next film production in Miami.

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When arranging for film and television production in Miami there are many logistical issues and other details.

1. Make sure the location is easily accessible to major highways, airports, and other necessary commutes.

Soho Studios is minutes from I95, Miami Airport, and directly East of Miami Beach (a popular setting for on-location shoots)

2. Florida Sunshine is fun, but being in A/C is even better.

Soho Studios has one of the largest under air spaces for film and television shoots in Miami - over 65,000 square feet under cool air conditioning.

3. A raw space is only as impressive as the management controlling the premises.

Soho Studios is managed by FIP REALTY SERVICES, a seasoned Miami real estate management company, every detail is reviewed and all your needs will be addressed before you get started. We've handled countless events, productions, and other video, film, and television accommodations.

4. Make sure that the space has the correct permits, insurance, and licenses.

Soho Studios has all the necessary certifications and follows all strict guidelines surrounding film and television production.

5. Privacy is an important element to many film and television shoots in Miami.

Soho Studios prides itself of clear communication with production teams and respects all confidential matters.

6. Is your space a member of film production associations in Miami?

Soho Studios maintains alliances with





Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau


Soho Studios can conveniently arrange the following services for film and television production studios:

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  • Catering/Crew meals
  • Special event planning
  • Set construction
  • Stage & production equipment coordination
  • ADR room for large groups
  • Screening rooms
  • Editing rooms
  • Scenic backings
  • Rigging and wrapping services
  • Office equipment
  • Trailers
  • Transportation
  • Cabinetry and millwork
  • Paint