Wynwood art scene makes a splash

The urban setting of the Wynwood District is the last place you would expect to find a Synchronized Swimming Team. Meet Miami’s own Synchronized Swimming Performance Troupe Team, Verso! Their imaginative hybrid art form combines synchronized swimming with dance and theater to create performances that even the great Esther Williams would covet.

Synchronized Swimming is a type of performance art. The Wynwood art scene is a vast cornucopia of many different types of art, performance art being one of them. Synchronized Swimming can be equated to traditional forms of performance art such as ballet or interpretive dance and non-traditional forms such as fire dancing or silks.

In an article by Huffington Post journalist Amanda McCorquodale titled Verso Performance: Miami’s Synchronized Swimming Show Team, Julie Lucas, a principle member of Verso described themselves as a “performance experience”. This team of highly creative world class athletes customizes their shows according to the audience and theme of the event. The Huffington Post asked what the most unusual event they had ever performed at Lucas told her about an event in the Design District.“The strangest and most experimental performance was at Whirl Crash Go! An above-ground pool was installed inside the art gallery for us to perform in. The performance incorporated roller skaters, booty dancers, video projection, and audio sensitive lights. The gallery was decorated with swings hanging from the ceiling and large fragmented mirrors everywhere. It was amazing.”

Check out this video of their performance at Whirl Crash Go!....

Perfecting their craft is no small feat and the team spends hours choreographing routines, building strength and practicing upside down leg movements on the surface called “land drilling”. Synchronized Swimming requires endurance, flexibility and of course synchronization. All that practice pays off and the end result is a beautiful theatrical aquatic performance that is uniquely their own.

To read more about Verso and see some amazingly synchronized photos check out the Huffington Post Article entitled Verso Performance: Miami's Synchronized Swimming Show Team