Out of the Box: Lynx Effects Brand Marketing Throws the Box Away

Brand marketing jumps out of the box in the Lynx Effects Invisible Ad, featured here on YouTube's Lynx Studios Australia channel. Called brand marketing or event marketing, experiential marketing lets you feel the product advertised.You know immediately how the product will fit your lifestyle.

Appealing to the target market

Understanding how to spark consumer interest in your brand is the key. What Lynx Effects accomplished is amazing to the eyes and appeals to young adults for many reasons:

- Musical intensity

- Curiousity

- Anticipation

- Sensuality

- Humor

- Voyeurism

Lynx created the perfect look and feel for their product and its target demographic. As reported in Britain's the Week, launching these types of advertisements also cause Lynx Effects controversy for skirting the edge a bit closer than some viewers like. Of course, when marketing to teenagers and young adults, what better way to sell product than giving parents a reason to disapprove.

Authentic location setting

The environmental factors of location shooting for advertisements like these are crucial. The outside has to look and feel like the outside. The illusion of spontaneity holds your attention as pedestrians pass and are handed the sunglasses. A studio feel would ruin the presentation and the appeal would greatly diminish if the action felt staged.

Venue in Miami

The event space Miami's Soho Studios provides is ideal for any scale production events in Florida. With over 65,000 sqf. of versatile space, the possibilities are not limited to these:

- Television and film industry studio to transform as you like

- Musical events space for recording or party venues

- Art gallery for local, national and international artists

- Photography studio Miami opens to all who are interested

The Soho staff caters to the needs of production companies looking for indoor space to transform into any world they choose.

Party Venues Miami Hosts

The 65,000 sqf. is diverse and flexible. During Florida's event  season, from November thru March, Soho hosts a bevy of international venues, including:

- The Winter Music Conference

- Art Basel Wynwood

- Miami Fashion Week

Anyone with event or brand marketing needs will find the Soho perfect for creating the environment needed to engage the masses.