Vita Coco Coconut Water at Art Basel Miami Beach

Vita Coco Coconut Water, the best selling coconut-water brand in the United States, is cementing its reputation as an elite drink by sponsoring the 2013 Select Fair Miami. The Fair, held during the week of Art Basel Miami Beach, showcases the best of the best of contemporary artwork to discerning art collectors who have come from around the world to be a part of Art Basel.

Vita Coco Coconut Water at Art Basel Miami Beach

Vita Coco Coconut Water will be served at several special events, including the VIP preview pre-Basel event that lets serious collectors see and buy art before the general public gets a chance. By associating its brand name with such an exclusive and elite event, Vita Coco reinforces its image as a drink for the world's elite, the rich and the famous, and the taste makers and trendsetters.

Vita Coco will also be served at a special public reception for the artists, a festive event with DJ sets and explosive work from a performance artist, which will link the brand to cutting-edge culture, the club scene, and having a good time.

Select Fair Miami is a satellite event to the world-famous Art Basel Miami Beach. Held just two blocks from Art Basel and one block from the beach, the Select Fair gathers together the cream of the crop of contemporary art in all mediums, from painting and sculpture to street art and outsider art.

Art Basel attracts an international crowd of elite contemporary art collectors. When they are seen and photographed drinking Vita Coco Coconut Water, the message will be clear that Vita Coco is a brand that stands above the rest -- just as the Select Fair Miami stands above the rest by choosing only the very best artists and galleries to showcase and sell.

Vita Coco's name and logo will be prominent in Select Fair printed materials and online. The more its reputation as an elite drink is enhanced, the more it will appeal to the mass market as well.