Amelia River Cruises and the Cumberland Island Tour

On November 17, Amelia River Cruises will promote its services via its expansive, immersive river tour: The Cumberland Island Tour. Taking place at 10:30 am, seven days per week, The Cumberland Island Tour is an Amelia River Cruises promotional cornerstone. One of the entity’s biggest, most popular tours, The Cumberland Island Tour examines Amelia’s rich history alongside deep Cumberland Island factoids.

The Tour

Patrons view wildlife, notable areas and unique destinations aboard The Cumberland Island Tour. Cruising on Fernandina’s best shrimp boats, visitors view Ft. Clinch, the historic Old Towne and Cumberland Island’s wild horses. The Carnegie Dungeoness Mansion’s ruins, Greyfiend Inn and other popular destinations are similarly viewed.

The Cumberland Island Tour places high value upon the area’s most memorable areas, focusing upon history-centric lessons, colorful stories and the area’s riches offers. Reservations are frequently needed to obtain event seating, as The Cumberland Island Tour has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Promotion and Passage

The Cumberland Island Tour is highly promotional of Amelia River Cruises, and thus requires unique experiences and quality vessels to procure excellent trips. An exclusive community outreach collection, the Cumberland Island Tour utilizes U.S. Coast Guard Inspected, highly refined vessels. Visitors can expect handicap-accessible, bathroom-equipped and fully stocked rides. Food and beverages are allowed, as are cameras.

The event’s promotion is featured on the Amelia River Cruises website, where site-goers can take part in its Virtual Tour. Facebook, TripAdvisor and DropCam, too, are part of the Amelia River Cruises promotional plan, impacting a rare—and difficult—nautical promotion area. Often, river cruises are difficult to promote due to their segmented accessibility. Water-bound promotion is typically reserved for event-goers, heightening company advertising difficulties.

Amelia River Cruises succeeds in this area, however, as its multitude of coverage options persist where other providers fail. The Cumberland Island Tour is well-recognized, and its yearly events consistently acquire numbers while scaling Amelia River Cruises to new standards.


Other Promotions and Deals

Amelia River Cruises maintains an expansive package deal program. The company has consistently been recognized with Jacksonville Beaches, enriching its community outreach with city-based amenities and services. Residents can expect free birthday cruises, specialty reservations and the Amelia River Cruises Kids Free November Program.

Every-day discounts are constantly available, as are group specials, military discounts, senior discounts and group rates. Above all, the Amelia River Cruises Private Charter program succeeds in promoting small-party outings. Summer camp, scout and school programs similarly exist, furthering The Cumberland Island Tour’s accessibility. Nature outings are highly successful in attracting educational groups, and the event’s naturally high educational value aligns it with Jacksonville’s rising consumer groups.

Every trip is powered on a case-by-case basis, ensuring total feasibility and unique rides, every time. Amelia River Cruises succeeds in marketing its programs to lower age groups, and its Cumberland Island Tour achieves repeat success throughout November. Of course, seasonal voyages receive different reception, though The Cumberland Island Tour takes advantage of the shrimp vessel’s design to adapt to any chilly environments.