What You Need to Upgrade Your Selfie Station

What You Need to Upgrade Your Selfie Station

Selfie stations are trending, and this year’s marketers are capitalizing on the Internet generation’s love of media. If you’re running out of inspiring ideas, perfect online promotion options or beautiful branded representations, bring it back a little. Rather than focusing on your event, your products, your services and your image, consider the modern event-goer. If you’re packing an awesome backdrop, you need only enable a selfie booth. If you haven’t yet, you should build up your event’s selfie station. Here’s why:

Wax Paper Backdrops are In, and They’re Cheap

Wax paper backdrops might not seem like trendy, artsy photo booth backdrops, but they’r becoming incredibly popular. Back up your selfie station with some wax paper trees, scenic displays and local art. By reducing the typical booth clutter, you can orchestrate a selfie station well-worth the extra effort. Plus, wax paper is incredibly cheap.

Plastic Tablecloths are Making a Color Splash

Gone are the days of complex, expensive selfie station displays. Now, marketers can strategize retro-feeling selfie areas with this simple backdrop trick. Simply purchase plastic tablecloths, make sure they’re backlit, and create an unforgettable, vintage photo area.

Flowers are Catering to Outdoor-Lovers

The Millennial generation is defined by herbal remedies, green living, diets and outdoor activities. Few things compare to green, lush backdrops. That said, they’re incredibly hard to come by. By installing herbal scenery, you can avoid clumsy outdoor photo areas. In their place, you’ll secure an awesome, all-natural indoor selfie station.

Wine, Beer and Food Selfies are Trending

They’re trending hard, actually. Craft breweries are in, and so are booze-holding, growler-flaunting, snack-eating selfies. If you want to attract more visitors, bring in the beer. Craft brew selfie stations are a great way to rock your area’s small bars, opening new promotion opportunities in both the business and consumer world.

Speaking of Parties, Dace Floors are Coming Back

The selfie booth has been around for a while. Today, it’s transcended the booth entirely. Why seclude event-goers into a small room? Artists like Toronto’s Jon Sasaki have crafted participatory art installations on dance floors, powering up party lights for selfie-lovers and partiers alike.

Food Trucks are Mobile Opportunities

Food trucks are trending, too. In fact, they’re being turned into portable, mobile selfie stations. Packed with pop-up branded food, lifestyle-themed illustrations and local food favorites, food trucks have the size, excitement and flexibility needed to become amazing selfie stations.

So, what’s the deal with mixing and matching location, food and mobility? As it turns out, the typical selfie station is getting old. Really old. It isn’t enough to let customers use Snapchat and Instagram inside a photo booth. Promote your atmosphere, get creative and market your brand with uniqueness. In 2017, brands with a love for the outdoors, active lifestyles and unique eating opportunities thrive. At the end of the day, your brand will be memorable if it’s jam-packed with high-energy options. Take charge with your selfie options, and empower your consumers from every angle. Just make sure you’re targeting their best side.