How Beautycon Grew in 2017

How Beautycon Grew in 2017

Even festivals need attention to grow. Makeup and politics can mix, if they’re stirred properly. This year’s Beautycon grew in size, and its focus on hot-button issues, Q&As and panel discussions is responsible. This year’s organizers gave the conference a makeover, covering political matters while discussing a slew of newsworthy topics.


Panels, Panels and More Panels


Beauticon Media isn’t new to panels. That said, this year’s New York lineup was much more than typical walk-and-talk panels. The one-day Brooklyn Cruise Terminal serves as a question hotspot on May 20, hosting a number of meet-ups. We’re talking fireside chats with Women’s March on Washington leaders, in-depth Q&As and traditional beauty demos. Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory led the charge, addressing several social and political issues impacting the country.


Where Careers and Politics Meet


The three covered topics like body image issues, careers and relationships. They also covered the convergence between the three. Having quite a lot of experience in this field, the three were very particular when establishing a program. The panels experienced a number of vocal, powerful and influential individuals. Often, it’s rare to secure such a platform when important topics are at hand.


Beauticon Media vice president of global festivals and operations, Tripp Mahan, intended to redefine the Los Angeles-based company, extending its moral and political beliefs well beyond the day’s events. Other festivals, hosted in London, New York and Los Angeles, have quickly become content creator communities. Understandably, Millennial and Generation Z issues are at play. Meanwhile, Instagrammers and YouTubers have become close with fans, creators, industry celebrities and brands.


Growth and Interactive Experiences


Last year, Beauticon launched at Pier 36. This year’s was almost three times bigger, packed with interactive experiences, art installations and influencer panels. Organizers offered a new, accessible ticket package: the beauty Academy Package. While a premium ticket option, The Beauty Academy Package granted attendees entrance to the venue three hours before it opened. It additionally granted event-goers access to a private food and drink section. Private makeup artist lessons, too, were offered.


When combined, the interactive pop-ups and politically-minded Q&A stands were powerful size promoters. While each area was segmented, event-goers could maneuver between them with ease.


Where Do We Go from Here?


Beauticon is expected to rise—and rise gracefully. Its upcoming festival, to be established in Los Angeles, will kick off on August 12 and 13. It’ll take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and it’ll break the mold of two-day Beauticons. Overall, Beauticon itself has been reimagined. It’s much more interactive, engaging and thoughtful. While the many activations can seem jam-packed, they’re incredible supplements to a yearly-anticipated event.


The Beauticon experience has a come a long way. Regardless of its venue, event-goers will continue networking, eating, drinking, dancing and playing. Makeup artists will continue promoting the industry’s newest additions, and Beauticon’s intuitive creator team will continue reimagining the world of beauty. Meanwhile, event coordinators are expected to continue hosting culturally relevant talks. Whether it’s a Q&A, a pop-up stand or a fireside chat, Beauticon knows where it’s at.