Why More Brands are Upgrading their Food Presentations


Why More Brands are Upgrading their Food Presentations

Who doesn’t like food? A brand’s ability to present food is directly related to its event success. Today, leading providers are dishing out free samples, packing on unique tastes and creating delectable dishes guaranteed to please.


America’s favorite food providers are promoting themselves with coupons, recipes and parties. Sometimes, the best offerings take place on the neighborhood level. American companies wanting to promote themselves with delicious, healthy options are entertaining customers with a variety of new options. Whether you’re new to the marketing game, an experienced industry provider or simply want to check up on today’s leading promotional methods, you should check out the other providers who’re leading the way with up-close-and-personal promotions.


Your Event Solution’s Willy Wonka Themed Event


Your Event Solution, notable provider, created a Willy Wonka themed corporate event to celebrate an association’s annual meeting. Stationed at the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort just outside Atlanta, the Willy Wonka showcase featured a doughnut wall, plenty of sweets and the brand’s own touch of event engineering.




EeeeeatsCon is the Infatuation’s annual music and food festival. It took place at Santa Monica’s Barker Hanger this year, bringing together New York’s finest food vendors alongside Los Angeles brand gurus. It hosted a produce-inspired wall, serving up food photos, delectable dishes and memorable treats. Event-goers were invited to share stories of the Con online, giving the Infatuation visibility across Facebook and Instagram.


MOFAD’s Pop-Up Restaurants


The Museum of Food and Drink, sponsored by Infiniti, created a tasty collaboration event with Eater. It opened its much-famed Lab’s second exhibition alongside two separate three-day pop-up restaurants. In San Francisco, the restaurant hosted Eater’s favorite chefs. In Miami, it was DIRI & FUSCO. Both locations hosted immersive, multi-course dinners. Each was open to the public, offering fantastic choices while promoting the location.


The Food Presentation Power Package


While brands are spicing up their food presentations, they’re not doing so without good aim. Food-based marketing is a tough gig. Moreover, it’s a gig requiring a lot of support. Today’s leading brands need to offer coupons, online information, blogger panels and free sample stations. At every level, successful brands host parties, share awesome social media events and use hashtags effectively.


In 2017, few brands can escape the healthy-food-social-media combo. Whether it's tagging awesome dishes on Pinterest, using Instagram for new food or tagging breweries on Facebook, today's consumers are a social bunch when it comes to brunch. 


Where Health and Taste Unite


Any brand offering somewhat of a high-quality-diet item associated with low BMI is likely to thrive. There’s something to be said for a “better-for-you-style” food marketing campaign, and businesses are actually competing for the industry's health-food spots.. All the recipes, coupons and free samples in the world can’t make up for a misguided brand. For this reason, long-term health goals are becoming engrained in modern American restaurant provider culture.


Over a quarter of Americans have become health food fans within the past decade, enjoying typically tasty treats in the healthiest ways possible. As for other brands, pop-up restaurants and cons are apparently paying off.