Flash Mobs for marketing

Picture this- You are out for walk in the Wynwood District during Art Basel Miami Beach. Your senses are taking in the artistic flavor of the graffiti filled walls and the colorful people from all over the world. As you walk between the art galleries in Miami you start to notice a crowd of people wearing similar garb, as you look even closer you notice that each and of them are wearing a sparkling white glove on one hand. You hear a familiar beat coming from a boom box that has been placed on the ground and in an instant the recently noticed crowd of people burst into a simultaneous moon walk.

You have just witnessed a Flash Mob.

Flash mobs are a great way to grab the public’s attention and companies around the world are now recognizing them as a great marketing tool. Many global brands around the planet are producing their own flash mobs to promote their company, product or event. Take for example a flash mob sponsored by Trident Gum which featured a performance by 100 women in leotards and heels dancing perfect choreography to Beyonce’s Single Ladies in Piccadilly Circus in London to promote a free concert sponsored by the brand.

Look for a venue in Miami to rehearse for your next flash mob? Contact us at Soho Studios. Soho Studios is an event space in Miami that offers 65,000 square feet of space. Our versatile 65,000 square foot facility has been used for music festivals, fashion shows, and is a known venue for Art Basel Miami Beach. Our list of worldwide customers includes Ford Motor, Absolut, Telemundo, Evian and Puma.