Butterfly Loft Salon

Butterfly Loft Salon Hosts Butterfly Circus

Butterfly Loft, a green-certified, award-winning Los Angeles spa, is widely considered an educational hub, community impactor and inspirational group. Well-known for featuring some of the world’s best educators and lead industry designers, the brand’s extension into Luxury Brand Partners isn’t at all unexpected. Butterfly Circus, Butterfly Loft’s marketing jump to feature popular stylists, designs and products, is entering the Luxury Brand Partners Front Row 2016. An excellent independent event, Butterfly Circus stands on its own as an autonomous experiential marketing engagement.

Service Industry Outreach

Taking place between January 9 and 12 in Miami, Butterfly Circus reveals Butterfly Loft’s travel collection. While stationed in Los Angeles, the brands wide collection targets similar city-dweller denominations. Butterfly Circus offers United States team tours to teach beauty lovers the importance of styling, cutting, coloring and caring for one’s health.

Butterfly Circus is far more than a class. It’s an event geared to push the Butterfly Loft service. The beauty industry faces difficulty with service advertisement, as all services require consumer and provider participation in unison. Crafting a traveling service provider, for Butterfly Loft, is seemingly a potent idea for a brand dedicated to its proposed top-of-the-line training and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Talent Attachment

The beauty industry benefits from highlighted talent. Butterfly Circus is paired with an excellent Front Row 2016 lineup—one capable of pairing the brand with industry-loved celebrities. Cutting-edge talent is displayed by V76 by Vaughn, Oribe Hair Care, Smith & Cut, Goldwell and R+Co.

Similar talent is shown by author of “Good to Great,” Jim Collins. Key notes, world premier services, special presentations and comedian Natasha Leggero spice up the event, influencing the “all circus” feel Butterfly Loft thrives upon.

Promoting an Eco-Friendly Design

Butterfly Loft’s brand image is contingent on eco-friendly products and services, and Butterfly Circus hits a presentation angle normally un-tapped by other marketing efforts. The Butterfly Circus experience proposes a slew of world-changing, eco-friendly alternatives. Butterfly Circus stylists, ready to answer questions, all operate under earned salon green certification. Eco-friendly procedures are discussed, and consumers are presented with excellent alternatives to typical beauty supplies.

Winner of the World Model Salon Title by Proctor and Gamble, Butterfly Loft isn’t a newcomer to promotion and industry dedication. Likely Butterfly Circus proposes far more than eco-friendly procedures. It’s a traveling extravaganza of urban-specific beauty products and services. The trip from Los Angeles to Miami might be far, distance-wise, but it’s entirely short when social demographics are considered.

The next event is on January 11th at 3 PM at the Mana Wynwood in Miami with tickets selling for $300 each. Prior events in New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco sold out earlier this fall.