Creatives in the City

Creatives in the City by High Ground News and the EPIcenter

On December 2, High Ground News and the EPIcenter rallies small business owners from creative fields for Creatives in the City, a panel discussion moderated by Josh Horton of Hieroglyph and Creative Works. Memphis is big, and it contains a large market for entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Within the creative field particularly, local artists, reporters and business startups seek marketplace representation. Creativity and unique skill are always in demand, and local startups could gain much by networking with like-minded professionals. Creatives in the City, a massive event of paneled professionals, assists local business impactors with startup navigation and opportunity location.

The Memphis College of Art’s Calicott Auditorium hosts the free event, offering dedicated seating and panels from 5:30 PM.

Outreach and Professional Insight

High Ground News and the EPIcenter continue to gain industry traction through creative outreach. By assisting local professionals and idea creators, both their visibility and impact are enhanced. Directly moderated by Josh Horton of Creative Works and Hieroglyph, Creatives in the City brings together panelists Joann Self Selvidge of True Story Pictures, Joel Halpern of Loaded For Bear, Nicole Heckman of Little Bird Innovation, and Edward Bogard of SoGiv.

Creatives in the City assembles creative professionals who’ve navigated the business climate, have created startups and who’ve achieved success - giving attendees a unique opportunity to gain information, knowledge and skills. Creative business challenges are discussed with local speakers sharing personal stories, allowing attendees to gain entrance into a small and exclusive network of well-informed experts.

High Ground News and Community Outreach

High Ground News offers a variety of intuitive projects and outreach programs for its Memphis community. Focusing on infusing tech jobs with creativity, High Ground News constantly adapts its marketing formula to impact new audiences. Due to creativity’s constant change, High Ground News must repeatedly experiment with community discussion and education to engage its market.

Primarily, High Ground News targets school-aged individuals, though grade schoolers and established professionals aren’t beyond their impact zone. Their consistent speaker program, powered by discussions, entrepreneur workshops and community clean-ups, always succeed in aligning their adaptive strategies with community needs.

A marketing influencer, High Ground News is placed in a unique position: each workshop, seminar and direct promotion both gives and takes. In other words, High Ground News positions their events as opportunities to both examine and impact their community, influencing upcoming idea-crafters, inspiring new projects, and tailoring content to the needs of its audience.