Darius Cooks

Dining with Darius Cooks


DariusCooks.com is a website featuring recipes and trends, and it hits an exceptionally difficult market with online cooking. Now, Chef Darius is taking his cooking around the country for the Dining with Darius Cooks tour.  The dining event offers a seven course meal and seeks to expand its presence among potential web users. Also offering a secret menu to select viewers, Darius helps to expand his brand’s power while keeping food preparation “personal” and easy to access.

The Darius Cooks Dining Event

Darius Cooks will craft dishes, and his attendees will eat. His menu is secret, but it’s certainly not far from his ordinary delivery. Dietary restrictions, of course, are heeded to ensure total viability and safety throughout the event. Currently, 25 lucky participants are granted the opportunity to expand upon the Cooks Downtown philosophy, where extra specials are offered, where the details are accepted and where full-fledged gourmet food is increasingly enticing.

Signature Services from a Signature Brand

Often, experiential events are contingent upon the brand’s ability to branch out and maintain creativity. DariusCooks.com is no different, yet it does deliver quality food options unavailable to most. His first course is followed by a delectable second course, and then a main course, and then an intermezzo followed by his customized desert selection.

Signature sangria kicks off the event, targeting his audience’s softer sides. Tupperware is allowed, and attendees are urged to take leftovers home. DariusCooks.com depicts a splendid approach to regular cooking promotions—wherein specialized dishes are epitomized and the cook, themselves, is simply a catalyst for their brand’s holistic approach to fine food.

The Event’s Every Bite

In fact, DariusCooks.com offers a highly original approach to regular promotion. Prompting visitors to “bring their fat pants,” DariusCooks.com is exceptionally promotional of a non-restrictive fine dining experience. Due to the brands online presence, live event marketing is difficult. Fortunately, DariusCooks.com exceeds all expectations by crossing a historically high hurtle.

The event is casual, fun and spontaneous. Inspiration, fun, food, laughter and conversation, too, are included. Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder headline the event—furthering the notion of a fun, free atmosphere. Other bands might consider the DariusCooks.com approach unique, yet it’s a newly tapped marketing vein many companies are preferring. DariusCooks.com may be revolutionary in its live demonstration of a typically web-bound approach, but it’s only a portion of the industry’s movement to “casual fine dining.” The event, while inclusive to a select audience limit, is still admirable in its approach to market spread with a well-deserved respect for everything food.