Empire Comedy Live

Squarespace Identifies with Empire Comedy Live

Squarespace is far more than a website power provider. It’s slowly becoming one of the best marketing entities out there, and its high-powered Empire Comedy Live series is something new under the sun. Packing fantastic comedians, endless entertainment and the town’s favorite performers, Empire Comedy Live is both a Squarespace promotional and an enthusiastic comedy experience.

The Empire Comedy Live Approach

The uninitiated might confuse Empire Comedy Live for a standard gig hall. It’s anything but, and its presentation of Squarespace’s attention to detail prompts users to experience the brand’s best qualities. It’s wild, but contained, as per their slogan: “Seriously, go be drunk and annoying someplace else. These shows are built for fans.”

Empire Comedy Live is also a venue for its—and subsequently, Squarespace’s—inner events. The So You Think You Can Rant packs Squarespace’s promotion with intelligent, opinionated comedy. Because Squarespace, now, has become well-known for its intuitive approach to digital design, the Empire Comedy Live series spares nothing in showing a little wit.

Squarespace in a Box

As a whole, the Empire Comedy Live channels the “spirit” of Squarespace. The brand has been promoting quite a bit on podcasts in recent years, targeting “talkshow-like” providers associated with wit and hilarity. It’s no surprise Squarespace’s live series is a comedy one, but it’s surely impressive.

Toting their promised “Everything You Need” package, Squarespace is, seriously, one of the online world’s best website—and even podcast—creation tools. It’s interesting to watch a creative brand market by gathering creative minds, and it’s very cool to see the pull-power Squarespace can muster when it wants something. Always mobile-ready, always inclusive, Squarespace is trusted by some of the world’s best brands, including Target, Rodarte, Wired, Mai and more.

A Tunnel with No End

Squarespace isn’t stopping, and Empire Comedy Live is only picking up steam. The event carries a solid outreach strategy, too. Twitter has been a Squarespace-favorite utility for a while, and Empire Comedy Live helps the brand monopolize the Internet further, promoting the Comedy Bar Mainstage with audience pics, comedian profiles and the finest stars around.

Squarespace, likely, is going to inspire a new wave of digital marketing—one contingent upon real-life identification of character. If Squarespace was a person, they’d be a tech-savvy comedian. They’d probably attend Empire Comedy Live, too, leaving little behind in the name of promotion, strategy and good, old-fashioned fun for everyone.