Tamron's Tailgate Tour and GOT PRIMES? Photo Shoot Presentation

Few marketing efforts surpass physical presentation and end-user response testing. On December 9, the Tamron Tailgate Tour ends with Helix Camera & Video’s grand product test extravaganza GOT PRIMES? Event-goers are paired with Tamron classic products, showcasing features through contests and photo shoots. Tamron’s newest prime lenses, the 45mm f/1.8 and the 35mm f/1.8, present their superior optical performance during photography workshops. Each product’s full capability is range-tested, pairing consumers with the brand’s newest and finest features.

The GOT PRIMES? In-Use Approach

Tamron digital lenses, proposing “new eyes for the industry,” has repeatedly guided consumers through the industry’s budding challenges. A community impactor, Tamron has implanted its technologies in both sophisticated art areas and R&D alike. The Tamron corporate philosophy is product-driven, creating corporate growth horizontally with customer satisfaction. GOT PRIMES? executes such a philosophy by bringing products to customers, personalizing product testing and creating a buyer-friendly environment.

Tamron’s prosperity is reflected in its Tailgate Tour, where the industry is scoped for new prospects, growth opportunities and customer feedback. Each Tamron lens presentation lets consumers get an “in-use” approach, accessing live photography sessions and the brand’s primary benefits. A contest , too, is included, guaranteeing the chance to acquire latest Tamron products and engage the brand further.

Helix Camera & Video

Helix Camera & Video, proudly partnered with Tamron, facilitates perfect marketing exposure throughout the event. Helix Camera & Video is renowned for its free photography mini-seminars and its approach to the Tamron brand is highly beneficial on a product level. Camera lens consumers require quite a bit of technical information. New consumer entrants and gurus alike benefit from practical testing, as the many specifications driving camera technology create a vast depth of options and features.

While new camera operators gain product knowledge through Helix Camera & Video’s free portfolio reviews, tailgate lunch and photo opportunities, knowledgeable buyers gain quite a bit of resource through examining high-price-bracket products closely. Helix Camera & Video is reserved to achieving perfect exposure, carry perfect sessions and create ironclad marketing strategies. Tamron’s brand exposure throughout the Tailgate Tour is strong, and Helix Camera & Video’s mini sessions drive consumers through future paths to purchase.

Tamron as an Experiential Marketing Presence

Experiential marketing regularly faces difficulties when specific product promotion is an end-game goal, but Tamron’s approach reveals the necessities of consumer targeting. Tamron’s Tailgate Tour partners a mobile consumer base with a mobile mindset. Each Tamron lens, regularly untestable in store or e-commerce settings, receives much-needed visibility. Experiential marketers have much to gain by following Tamron and Helix Camera & Video’s strategies.