Green Smoothie Girl Teaches Visitors to Make the Ultimate Smoothie

On January 2, American Fork takes to the consumers with How to Make the Ultimate Green Smoothie. A GSGLife instructor, Holly Jackman’s outreach approach creates an exciting environment filled with inexpensive solutions, delicious dishes and a one-day nutrition seminar.

Nutrition Targeting and the Home-Based Consumer

Nutrition marketing commonly focuses on a brand’s health benefits and sourced materials. Holly Jackman’s approach, while similar, offers a unique and holistic angle to target her primary market segment. GSGLife, committed to educating its consumers about extraordinary health, cost-effective alternatives and natural plant foods, is well-positioned within the “save more, eat less” buyer pool.

Jackman’s How to Make the Ultimate Green Smoothie is fast. Within 10 minutes, event-goers are granted a streamlined approach to save time, eat well and achieve big results. The class proposes a 700-percent increase in nutritional value, creating a spark to ignite buyer interest. Of course, GSGLife free samples are included, as is a nutritional planning class and more inexpensive products.

The Superfood Market

“Superfood,” highly influenced by the country’s newest juiced food trend, is still a relatively new market. Jackman’s in-class approach to cutting time, saving more and generating a top-tier smoothie is a direct approach to a relatively hidden market, spreading both brand and industry awareness. While such a direct approach may seem easy to achieve, it’s anything but.

Emergent markets often face scrutiny. Particularly in health goods, lifestyle meals, supplements and food plans are often under fire by new and old consumer segments alike. Fortunately, GSGLife’s How to Make the Ultimate Green Smoothie enhances its outreach with highly educational resources. As the buyer’s journey persists, GSGLife awaits with full satisfaction and quality industry products. It’s a trusted provider, and it’s a preferred entity by many nutrition lovers.

The Product and Promotion Balance

Is industry credence enough? For GSGLife, it certainly is. While a company’s reputation is an incredibly viable tool, it fails to deliver for some brands. Fortunately, the nutrition industry’s biggest barrier is also its biggest boon. A lot of research is available in the digital age—research capable of solidifying positive consumer reviews of health trends.

GSGLife and Jackman both utilize the power of research to fuel their experiential marketing, promoting “simple, delicious and affordable” food avenues and events. Proposing products featuring organic peas, hemp, omega essential acids and seed powder, the GSGLife brand presence is a justifiable one. Most of its market consists of consumers who’ve already researched similar goods. GSGLife buyers are often in possession of good knowledge, and they’re not afraid to use it.

Additionally, the nutrition industry faces a relatively inelastic demand for GSGLife-like foods. Few alternatives exist to regular omega fatty acids placed on shelves. Here, product alternatives are few, and GSGLife persists by combining a variety of goods into a compact solution. Service is the major buying factor, as customers seek goods able to meet all needs, not just a few. Jackson’s How to Make the Ultimate Green Smoothie exemplifies this, and it generates further hype for an industry-running brand.