Gator Bowl

Pepsi at the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair and Expo

November 4 and November 5 will host this year’s Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair and Expo, an area-exclusive event since 1955. Having garnered local agricultural lovers, music lovers and food lovers alike, The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair and Expo consistently offers excellent amenities within a privately-held event.

From the Former Gator Bowl

The former Gator Bowl was transformed to become the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. In May 1989, the area hosted the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair to harness the location’s potential. Since its initial 700,000-patron count in 1990, the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair and Expo has created wonderful experiences for return visitors and newcomers.

Northeast Florida’s largest festival, the Agricultural Fair exemplifies the area’s dedication to positive economic impact. Having raised over $10 million for Duval County, the Agricultural Fair is a time-tested-and-true event of opportunity. Since its creation, the fair has similarly raised $3.1 million for civic and charitable organizations. This year’s 60th rendition promises much in way of charity benefits.

Vendor Distribution

Greater Jacksonville’s sponsorship is incredibly valuable, as its hub center for product testing and marketing provides excellent opportunities for small, medium and large businesses. The Agricultural Fair’s sponsors are situated just outside the grounds, maximizing use of high traffic areas. Prospective sponsors can design customized packages, so as to perfect budget opportunity and balance services with the fair’s already-established offerings. Marketing campaign needs are always upheld at the Agricultural Fair, making it a repeat destination for a variety of marketers and industry impactors.

Pepsi and Celebratory Involvement

Pepsi supports and delivers the Agricultural Fair’s 60th year, sponsoring games, rides, merchandise and entertainment. Jacksonville’s five nearby counties, too, are involved, expanding sponsorship networks well beyond the fairgrounds. Partnering with Belle City Amusements, Pepsi gains much in terms of positive brand attribution. Pepsi has consistently been a park-goer-favorite beverage, making appearances across a slew of festivities. The location’s bright, cheerful adoptions certainly promote a positive brand image.

The Expo

The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair and Expo procures value far beyond carnival festivities. The event’s accommodating expo furthers Pepsi’s outreach via its Exhibit Hall, where attendees may view specialty vendors, collectors and functions. The sports complex facilitates movement across 12 acres of landscaped grounds, a 50,000 square foot exhibition hall and the Agricultural Complex’s 44,000 square feet.

Indoor and outdoor functions, alike, imbue Pepsi’s brand involvement with tight appeal. Beverages are notoriously benefited by indoor and outdoor gatherings, and The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair and Expo promise quite a bit of brand attribution with well-placed refreshment stands and sponsorship logos.  Above all, the event is one of community outreach. Whereas most fairs and expos are comprised of strictly local audiences.

The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair and Expo extends its offerings to consumers abroad. The event’s makeup, alone, justifies experimental marketing tactics, as surrounding locations heavily rely upon Jacksonville’s unique placement in Florida. A cultural hub for many activities, events and consumer options, Jacksonville promises to be, yet again, an excellent location for such an ambitious fair.