Iron Man

Iron Man 3 and Google Glass

Iron Man 3 is available to watch at cinemas nation wide today. Iron Man 3 is the most anticipated movie from Marvel Studios since The Avengers, which grossed $1,511,757,910 at the box office. Where better to film Marvel's Iron Man 3 than in Wynwood Miami. This new Iron Man move picks up where Tony Stark left off after saving the human race from Thanos. Robert Downey Jr. comes back as Stark, with Gwyneth Paltrow and wing man Don Cheadle, returnign as Pepper Potts and Colonel James Rhodes.

A lot has changed since Iron Man 2 and there are more tech toys for Stark to play with including more Iron Man suits that fly by them selves. Whats also really cool is the suits ability to grab on to Stark and assemble in mid air.

In this Iron Man 3 movie something else comes to light that hasn't been considered before. Did the Iron Man franchise act as a catalyst to produce wearable tech? It is clear that movies play a a big role with the invention of new technologies. For example, Nike produced the wearable wrist band that measures the amount of steps and calories you burn. However Google took wearable tech to a whole new level with Google Glass. In Iron Man 3, Stark's heads up display is inside his suit with the ability to search the internet, make telephone calls and defeat Aliens at the same time.

Google glass has brought wearable heads up technology to the masses with Google Glass explorers addition and will hopefully allow everyone else to buy them by the end of 2013. You can see Google glass potential by watching this video.

In some ways Google glass may be better that Stark's Iron Man suit because with Google Glass you don't have to wear a suit!

Enjoy the trailer for Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 will surely be a summer blockbuster and may break box office records.