Puppeteers Launch LG’s Twin Wash Appliances

LG can get its groove on, too. Its Broadway-inspired event took place last November in New York City. LG launched its TWIN Wash laundry appliances which were displayed with six riveting performances by 16-foot-tall laundry puppets. LG TWIN Wash Presents: Divide & Conquer hit Broadway from dusk until dawn, highlighting the Father Duffy Square with a wholly unique marketing experience.

An Innovative Laundry Showcase

Broadway choreographer, Joshua Bergasse, stood tall behind the event. Put on entirely by puppeteers and performers, the LG display showcased the product’s sheer innovation. Users were invited to run separate loads of laundry simultaneously, working alongside a built-in SideKick unit. Placed on the front-loader, the SideKick washer permitted minute, custom-care loads.

The product’s dual-washing capabilities were spotlighted with the LG TWIN Wash laundry pair unit. These double-16-foot puppets, powered by six dancers, featured a martial arts array. That’s right: The puppets were trained to fight. Also trained in Capoeira and acrobatics, the performance’s puppet masters performed both “regular” and “delicate” performances based upon the spin cycle.

On-Stage Visit and Immersion

The performance artists vying for position before LG’s gigantic front-loading drum weren’t the only feature. The pedestal’s washer installation cleared the way for on-stage consumer visitation areas. These areas, specially crafted to display LG’s finest inclusions, additionally framed a mop-up laundry room. The mock laundry room featured product promotions, demos and a full-fledged LG learning experience.

Greeted with the chance to win prizes, extending to a Broadway.com gift certificate package, consumers were enticed to watch LG’s creative, 60-second digital television short. The short, itself, took six months to plan completely. Similarly focused on promoting LG’s newest creations in stores, the television spot raised awareness about the product’s December 20th release date.

TWIN Wash Enters a New Market Category

TWIN Wash, itself, is highly revolutionary. LG, while well-known for its overarching industry power, is a relatively young host of TWIN Wash. LG intended to craft an event as large, as wild and as fun as the market’s newest entry, making a statement on all levels.

In previous years, LG has committed to a plethora of media-based events. They’ve also engaged P.R-centric events revolving around brand expression and image. This time around, however, the consumer experience was placed on the forefront. LG’s thought leaders created a live display capable of being felt, touched and enjoyed. LG’s dedication to “bringing things to life,” as Barkley Kalpak Agency has stated, is unrivaled by many—and famous to all.