Miami brand launch

Ford Fusion - Invite Only in Miami

Today, Ford Motor Company will host an exclusive event to showcase their 2013 Ford Fusion. This event will take place at Soho Studios. This type of brand launch follows a trend of the hottest celebrations and announcements. 20120918-094754.jpg

More and more national brands are recognizing Wynwood, Miami as a valuable destination to have a presence, even if it's for a temporary event. One of the most prominent brands to hit Miami's art district is Cartier, a big leap from Bal Harbour. Ford is no exception and their event today is proof positive.

Today’s multi-faceted event will fully embrace the fusion experience by highlighting various industries that fuse inspirations to build their creations, positioning Ford as a thought leader as demonstrated by the 2013 Ford Fusion. The event will start out with a presentation by J Mays sharing Ford’s commitment to design and quality as evidenced by the 2013 Fusion. This will be followed by a panel discussion, facilitated by J Mays, featuring representatives from various industries who combine and fuse inspirations in their respective creative spaces. The panel will be followed by an experiential lunch where attendees will visit various stations throughout the venue to taste an array of culinary treats while taking in a demonstration at each station. These demonstrations include a 2013 Fusion, a virtual reality design simulator, a fashion designer, a screen-print t-shirt station where participants will create their own design.

Stay tuned for more updates after the event.