PeopleSpace's APP-O-MOTIVE Invites Consumers and Brands to Test Their Skills

Automotive hack-a-thons present the industry’s leading technologies while supporting those capable of expanding them. While hacking, itself, isn’t conducive to technological success, much can be said for a gathering contingent upon the event-goer’s ability to explore and take apart computer parts and programs. APP-O-MOTIVE targets the automotive world’s emergent transportation technology, and People Space, located in Irvine, CA, is hosting a practitioner-friendly gathering for intelligent minds on Saturday, January 16th.

Automotive Electronics

PeopleSpace’s marketing approach is unique in its hacking directives. Harnessing leading industry impactors well-read in the world’s latest Intelligent Transportation Systems mechanics and technology, APP-O-MOTIVE surrounds event goers with “everything computers and cars.”

New apps capable of “talking” to vehicle owners have hit the market, and drivers are taking advantage of between-app talk to enable cross-vehicle communication. Automotive electronics have become entirely independent of in-car-only services, and APP-O-MOTIVE is an excellent approach to the many questions posed by growing drivers. Little to no driver intervention is needed for Intelligent Transportation Systems, opening the floor for conversation about viability, sustainability and safety.

Driver Integration and Interaction

PeopleSpace’s experiential marketing event, while focused on self-navigating automobiles, is anything but an auto-piloted gathering. Event-goers are encouraged to facilitate discussion, reveal their skills and show off their ideas. Collaboration is key to the event’s success, and team-focused mindsets are integral to PeopleSpace’s marketing efforts.

Designers, .NET-experienced personnel, illustrators and more are the event’s target consumers, as they hold the power to encourage the growth of auto-directed driving. Of course, talent and developmental skills are balanced throughout the event, ensuring every individual has the chance to spread information—affecting the PeopleSpace consumer audience while assisting its brand.

App Outreach

PeopleSpace also facilitates a healthy environment for new technological arrivals Participants are welcome to bring their own apps to the table, implementing custom apps to event-provided vehicles. Experienced judges examine and award prizes to top apps, engaging consumers on a developmental level.

Event-goers able to articulate their app, direct it at connected cars and enable a fully mobile user experience are urged to accompany lead developers, targeting the world’s best integration methods and emergent technologies. PeopleSpace’s Twitter marketing outreach is present, and attendees need only follow @peoplespaceoc to share event photos and engage APP-O-MOTIVE at every level.

Exclusive Brand Invites

APP-O-MATIC carries a unique attribute with its invitation to brands. Companies are invited to query about future apps. This serves PeopleSpace by engaging them at a direct feedback level. As brands discuss their needs, PeopleSpace is capable of invoking new ideas and strategies. Components, devices and entire vehicles are all viable for app extension, and APP-O-MOTIVE is designed to create entirely new products.

PeopleSpace hits the mark on every platform, engaging consumers and soon-to-be partnered brands alike. APP-O-MOTIVE is an excellent chance to meet newcomers, scout for new minds and tinker on current projects. While self-driving cars are still a ways away, such an initiative will ensure PeopleSpace’s future market security. Within the marketing world, few providers engage the industry in such a way.