Perrier Lunch Break

How Perrier Lunch Break Maintains its Popularity Into 2017


How Perrier Lunch Break Maintains its Popularity Into 2017

The Perrier Lunch Break returned in 2017 after having a very successful run the year before. In it, dance parties are hosted by Perrier that feature quirky characters and hot air balloons. The unusual decorating scheme gives the events a fantastical, fun atmosphere that is instantly recognizable. Another unusual choice Perrier has made is to hold them during or near the lunch hours instead of the traditional times for dancing and partying.

Perrier has made these and other choices to highlight its product as being unusual compared to the alternatives. It ties in perfectly with its branding as Perrier Extraordinaire and will surely make attendees think of the sparkling water when they host parties of their own.

This event wasn't originally sponsored by Perrier, but instead, started out under the umbrella of vodka company Absolut. The company set up events at several popular nightclubs, which were glad to host it and bring in customers during what had been their off-hours.

The maiin reason for the event's growth is the change in the experience brought on by Perrier's sponsorship. This company took it from being a sparse event that simply mentioned a brand of vodka to a full-on engineered experience. As word of the change spread, more and more people attended in expectation of actually having a fun time. Now, some clubs host over 400 people when they hold Lunch Break events.

Notably, Perrier doesn't directly control all aspects of the events it sponsors. Instead, club owners are given plenty of latitude in terms of design, which musical acts are hired, and more. This allows each club to customize the experience to meet the tastes of their audiences, while Perrier provides just enough guidance to ensure that certain branding objectives are met.

During the events, it is typical for DJs play the latest trendy music while people enjoy a drink or two and have a dance. Then, when the event is over, each attendee is given a take-out bag of lunch to eat. Long lines can be expected at nightclubs that have had these events before, proving their popularity.

Perrier Lunch Break dancing events take place in major cities around the United States. New York city sometimes hosts multiple parties, and cities like Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago also get their share. Other big, trendsetting metropoles are also included.

While Perrier isn't explicitly promoting the idea of social media sharing through the use of incentives, it is typical for people to go ahead and share anyway. This year's kickoff event in New York, for example, was so exciting that it gained 20 million social media views just from natural postings.

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