Petals and Linens

Petals and Linens' Eat, Drink, Plan and Get Married Showcase

Petals and Linens offers an incredibly competitive wedding showcase capable of redefining its industry’s approach to marketing. Highly innovative, the Eat, Drink, Plan and Get Married: A Wedding Showcase, guarantees everything floral and fun throughout a market-prompting event. Owner and Creative Director, Laura Villaverde, creates a spectacle via award-winning design. Petals and Linens is winning, too—creating an environment capable of facilitating both coordination and planning. The event takes place on Sunday, January 31st at Tamayo’s Restaurant and Art Galley in Los Angeles, CA.

A Unique Wedding Showcase

Wedding planning companies able to facilitate a unique showcase thrive. While many similar experiential events drive numbers with runway events and live features, Petals and Linens enacts a different coda with its planning showcase.

Few providers have the confidence to create an event centric to planning, but Petals and Linens guarantees an end-all showcase able to please and enthuse event-goers. Attendees are invited to experience art at Tamayo’s Restaurant and Art Galley, wherein wedding planning commences. Sure, make-up artists, musical entertainment, coordination services and photographers are provided, but the Eat, Drink, Plan and Get Married event focuses on far more than superficial elements.

Giveaways in the Modern Event World

That said, the showcase does offer prizes and live events. The event’s first 100 registered “Brides at the Door” receive a free drink plan and Get Married swag bag. The event’s entirely surrounds the “mystique” of wedding planning, prompting attendees to think before organizing.

Petals and Linens benefits by provoking an intelligent buyer population. Even low-scale product and services purchased through Petals and Linens require intensive consideration, but the brand’s acknowledgement of such elements redefines the way pre-wedding shoppers operate. Tamayo’s Restaurant and Art Galley similarly proposes a refined approach to pre-wedding opportunities; every hosted service boasts the qualities of dedication and artistic merit.

Petals and Linens as a Provider

Petals and Linens benefits from the coordination of Laura Villaverde, whose facilitation of the Eat, Drink, Plan and Get Married showcase is highly valued. A unique spin on the many-times-repeated wedding show-stopper, event, Villaverde’s supposes a refreshing approach. Too often, wedding product and service providers focus on products and services. By arranging an event capable of capturing an event’s pre-planning stage, Petals and Linens succeeds in protecting it’s buyer culture while fermenting a refreshing brand image.

Buyers like to be informed, and the Petals and Linens approach partakes in consumer culture not by pushing products, but by creating an intellectual environment. The Petals and Linens approach is a key indicator of every industry’s flexibility—deserving every ounce of attention.