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Foobooz's Philly Cooks 2016 Event for Promotion

Foobooz’s Philly Cooks 2016 offers a one-night-only extravaganza to be recognized on February 16th. Foobooz’s experiential marketing approach with astounding dishes highlights its meet-and-greet event. Each attendee experiences hand-picked restaurants by the Philadelphia magazine, and each attendee experiences the brand’s biggest assortment of popular destinations.

Foobooz as a Provider

Foobooz coordinates Philly Cooks to promote its event hosting services, highlighting Philly’s finest chefs from the city’s finest locations. Hosting over 30 restaurants, Philly Cooks guarantees a food-tasting event capable of highlighting the Philadelphia magazine’s editors alongside Foobooz’s fine taste in dishes.

A Downtown Event

Every food-based marketing event worth its weight in culture must be featured in a downtown location, and Philly Cooks 2016 utilizes the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown to engage attendees over the age of 21. While Foobooz primarily hosts the event, the Philadelphia magazine hosts each Philly Cooks live inclusion while spicing up the area’s capacity for content. The Philadelphia is already a well-known lifestyle proposer, and its editors offer a unique edge to the Foobooz event planning scheme.

The brand’s authentic, authoritative voice constantly directs the eyes of onlookers, and both Foobooz and the Philadelphia offer stylish, smart, pugnacious and funny approaches to the city’s finest angles. The Philadelphia is Philadelphia’s must-read content for any in “the know,” and its cultural currency is incredibly valuable for both event-goers and attendees.

Only the Finest

Event creators and organizers require a healthy dose of quality providers to be considered potent, and Foobooz excels in harnessing Philadelphia’s best restaurants in an all-out eating powerhouse event. Event-goers can get a taste of “who’s cooking” with popular providers like Lo Spiedo, Laurel, Help, Heritage, Bueno Onda and more.

While quality providers offer both a unique and powerful edge to the event’s face, they’re not entirely responsible for holding it afloat. The event’s highlights, hosted on every year, propose a newer approach to Internet media features. Philly Cooks 2016 is far more than an event for food-lovers, and its hosted venues are far more impactful than relative selections.

Ideally, such an experiential event can host a slew of opportunities for both hosted entities and consumers alike. Foobooz’s capacity for bringing traffic to hosted venues is impeccable, and its identity’s sheer strength is more than enough to hold virtue in the ever-expanding world of event hosting. The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, surely, is a solid location for such events, but Foobooz, itself, may reserve the right to declare an incredibly effective event-hosting promotion.