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The 7th Annual Kindle Awards and Gala

Marketing efforts are often celebratory efforts. The 7th Annual Kindle Awards and Gala dedicates its time to the corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, contributors and individuals responsible for Kindle’s fame. The awards ceremony honors Kindle’s extensive user-base—one defined by its content variety and unique additions to the ever-growing platform.

A Pre-Holiday Bash

Taking place December 4 in Memphis, the Kindle Awards and Gala places emphasis on industry professionals while boosting its visibility. Due to the many entrepreneurs involved with the Kindle platform, a dedicated ceremony is absolutely conducive to the brand’s success. Well-known for its self-publishing platform, Kindle’s “give back bash” spreads support for the many sourced professionals responsible for its fame.

Featured on The Loretta McNary Show, the 7th Annual Kindle Awards and Gala will feature two businesses and 38 individuals who’ve soared to new heights, helping Kindle and its users alike achieve great product use. The honor ceremony aims at entities who’ve gone the extra mile, impacting the nation with Kindle-based operations.

Silent Auction, Red Carpet Arrival and Visibility

Kindle’s massive popularity, spurred on through Amazon, is no stranger to publicity and massive visibility. The event’s featured Red Carpet Arrival Photo Shoot has, in the past, extended the brand’s giving purpose to enthusiasts abroad. A promotional event for brand image and goodwill, media coverage is guaranteed. The Red Carpet Arrival Photo Shoot effectively ties together Kindle, its dedicated workers and external providers, kicking off an event ultimately dedicated to connectivity.

The Kindle Awards and Gala, this year, will feature a Silent Auction, too. Filled with entertainment, dinner, dessert and speeches, the Silent Auction is a place for dancing and grand performances, reservations required. Kindle’s height of fame is due to its extravagant brand image and total accessibility to entrepreneurs.

Leadership Development

The Kindle Awards and Gala similarly serve the brand’s development. A signature fundraising event for social etiquette, entrepreneurial leadership and philanthropic development group, Pink Eagles, the Kindle Awards and Gala matches organized training with its business direction.

Individual leadership drives Kindle’s success, and a public announcement of entrepreneurial expertise enhances its community standing. Content marketers, advertisers, writers and brand developers all utilize Kindle for self-promotion, directly increasing the brand’s popularity and usability. Kindle’s ability to thank leadership development sets a standard—one dedicated to the success of a community-supported content and Kindle’s unique platform alike.