Guidestone Colorado's Workshop for Aspiring Industry Professionals

Guidestone Colorado, one of Colorado’s leading farmer’s supply markets and innovative leaders, offers its exclusive Vision Course to industry entrants and league professionals alike. The Colorado Building Farmers Program Vision Course for Aspiring Farmers assists industry lovers by offering in-depth exploration workshops, on-sight practice seminars and vital resources. Each event-goer is provided with a wealth of business information capable of outfitting them for success, both on the farm and off.

Experienced Guidance

The Colorado Building Farmers Vision Course for Aspiring Farmers creates an in-depth framework to assist the company’s ever-expanding farmer network. Within the farming industry, marketing outreach is vital to success. The 2015 community, garnered through continual business partnerships, agency acquisitions and local outreach, has reached top-tier standards. Currently, Guidestone Colorado is fermenting next-gen farmers alongside a vibrant agricultural culture.

The Guidance Colorado program has reinvented experiential marketing, utilizing time-tested-and-true outreach mechanics alongside well-explored industry must-haves.

The Guidestone Colorado Plan

Guidestone Colorado, itself, benefits from a supply of over 900 youth-explored local ranches and farms. The brand’s food growth and collection processes benefit from local farming, homesteading and ranching skills, so its marketing outreach directly impacts the community it serves. The Guidestone Farmhands Education Program, in particular, offers unique options within the industry. Over 700 students have participated in the Guidestone Colorado Farm to School education program, influencing future industry impacts through experimental lessons and activities alike.

Guidestone Colorado accesses Salida gardens and farms too, extending marketing outreach to over 3,000 pounds of locally grown produce from featured Salida School Farm areas. Integrated throughout the Salida, Buena Vista area, Guidestone Colorado’s experimental marketing efforts directly impact the Leadville School District meal programs.

Community Outreach

Where experiential marketing approaches are considered, Guidestone Colorado excels in member and visitor celebration. Farmer integration and education is to be celebrated within the Guidestone Colorado lifestyle, and the brand exemplifies such efforts with its Hutchinson Ranch Pumpkin Patch Festival.

Understandably, farm-based marketing requires incredible effort, time and dedication. Guidestone Colorado surpasses expectations by offering unique event opportunities to over 200 tourists annually. Tourist programs, granting participants a slew of benefits, inspire aspiring and existing farmers alike, imbuing modern farm culture with up-to-date solutions for long-term industry barriers. Rachers, farmer and landowners are welcome to these programs, and every lesson offers opportunities to impact the agricultural industry.

Experiential marketing efforts commonly adhere to industry guidelines, and the Guidestone Colorado effort surpasses all expectations by getting its hands dirty.