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Wicked Wingsuits Promotes Itself in Performance Camp

Extreme sports benefit from on-site practice, and the Improve Your Performance Flight Skills, provided by Wicked Wingsuits, encompasses industry techniques while encouraging new and experienced flyers to better their skills. The event takes place Saturday, January 16th in Zephyrhills, FL. Also situated as a warm-up for the 2016 Nationals and PPC Season, Improve Your Performance Flight Skills engages event-goers with coaching sessions, product knowledge workshops and improvement seminars.

Product to Competition Market

Wingsuit flyers exist in an interesting market segment. For many, wingsuit flying is reserved for top-skill athletes. A large portion of flyers do extend themselves into competitive realms, forcing providers like Wicked Wingsuits to adjust a marketing mix accordingly.

Wicked Wingsuit’s efforts are derived from its user-base’s intensive industry knowledge, and the Improve Your Performance Flight Skills reflects this by focusing on discipline improvement and competition skill engagement. The Improve Your Performance Flight Skills event is a grand opportunity for pre-competition flyers while offering extensive information to new flyers.

Expertise and Extreme Sports

Marketing as an extreme sports goods and service provider is tough. For this reason, Wicked Wingsuits employs some of the world’s top coaches to drive its Improve Your Performance Flight Skills event. Coaches Simon Repton, Travis Mickle and Anthony Zerbonia give event-goers the rundown on flight planning, time windows and altitude management. Exit techniques are similarly covered, as are speed, distance and time strategies.

For expert flyers, FAI and USPA competition format details are covered, as are Paralog PPC and Fly Sight GPS orientation workshops. Individual coached jumps and group debriefs are part of the package. Fly Sight Units are available for any users unable to procure their own, bringing every event-goer up to par. Wicked Wingsuit Rental Suits, too, are available; rentable for $10 per jump and $40 per day, Wicked Wingsuit products are entirely available for any consumers needing product support.

Participation Marketing

Experiential marketing benefits from high-adrenaline experiences in the extreme sports industry. Most jumpers are required to have a minimum of 25 jumps before participating, yet workshops are available for those seeking intermediate training. Wicked Wingsuits has garnered an excellent marketing technique by featuring world-class techniques. By focusing on both competition and basic flying, they effectively close the small gap between consumer intent.

Group-instructed exercise and mock-competitions bring newer flyers into the realm of the elites in a safe, fun environment. In doing so, Wicked Wingsuits secures an ordinarily unwieldy divide in its consumer base. The event’s capacity for engaging everyone is its biggest boon, and is, undoubtedly, unique to wingsuit providers.