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Women's International Film & Arts Festival

The Women's International Film and Arts Festival (WIFF) will took place on March 20-24 in 2013. This Miami festival celebrates films by, for and about women from all over the world. Screenings of the 50 films chosen for the festival this year will take place in Wynwood at the Women's International Film warehouse, as well as various area restaurants and party venues in the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami.

This year Jada Pinkett Smith opened the 8th annual festival. Held during women's history month, this festival celebrates the contributions women make to the world of film. The Women's International Film and Arts Festival, was founded in response to the sobering statistic that only 7% of films are directed by women. WIFF hopes to help correct that deficiency by celebrating and promoting films that are directed by women. The festival has also become one of the premier film festivals in Miami and won the best film festival award from the Miami New Times.

WIFF is located in the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami, north of downtown Miami, which is home to some of the best party venues Miami has to offer. Soho Studios in Wynwood is proud to offer quality the event space Miami residents and visitors are clamoring to get into. The Women's International Film and Arts Festival is one of many high quality events held in this up and coming neighborhood that is home to artists, musicians, filmmakers and others.

The Wynwood Arts District is a sub-district of Wynwood and is located in the northern part of Wynwood. Once a run-down neighborhood over run with gangs and drugs, in recent years the neighborhood has pushed towards gentrification, and has become a world class arts district. It is also home to Wynwood Walls, an outdoor exhibit of world renowned street artists and is the location of Art Basel Wynwood. It is also home to over 70 galleries, including some the best photography studio Miami has to offer.