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Trump Studio City - Florida Film Studio

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In a recent announcement, Donald Trump has set his target for a potential film studio in South Florida by the Homestead Air Reserve Base. The project has been named Trump Studio City and Donald Trump will certainly try to make his mark. This deal is being reviewed by many players in the industry, including the county commissioners. Miami has transformed into a high demand location for film and television studios - it's a perfect location with many advantages both environmental and financial. South Florida has always been a hotspot for celebrities to relax and entertainment to thrive, it looks like now the scene is about to get a whole lot bigger.

The Miami New Times article on this Donald Trump announcement further points out that many recent movie and television studios setup shop in Miami, the following snippet was taken from that article.

"The Miami area has had some recent successes in luring television and film productions to the area. Michael Bay's Pain and Gain is currently filming here, and Rock of Ages filmed scenes between Miami and Broward last year. Production for Burn Notice still calls the Coconut Grove area home, and the quickly canceled ABC series Charlie's Angels filmed in a studio in Wynwood. The county is also home to productions for many Univision and Telemundo shows, but those networks already have their own studios. The in-production Iron Man 3 will also film scenes here later this summer."

They neglected to also mention that the major motion picture Step Up 4 was shot at Soho Studios in Miami's Wynwood district.

It's clear that there's a lot of attention on South Florida film studios and television market. The excitement will continue to brew until there is a final decision made regarding Donald Trump's Trump Studio City. In the meantime, Film and Television studios find their home at Soho Studios in Miami. Our base is conveniently located between Miami Beach, South Beach and Downtown Miami making it ideal for those looking to take advantage of both onsite shoots and studio space.