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Eskenazi Health Presents Tonic Ball

Tonic Ball’s celebration is renowned across the industry. Music, celebratory funfairs and art are to be expected, as is wide-held excitement. Tonic’s success has been garnered through years of sponsorship. Generous providers have continuously offered support to Tonic’s ideologies while assisting the event’s demonstrations. Eskenazi Health proudly supports the event, assisting with promotions and its excellent package opportunities.

About Tonic Ball

On November 20th, the Tonic Ball celebration features local art, music and food. Jam-packed with excitement, the event constantly enhances its features with popular artists, iconic musicians and local performances. Song covers are a big part of Tonic Ball, morphing fan-favorite tunes with local touches. Show ticket proceeds are channeled into the Second Helpings charity, assisting community causes.

Tonic Ball is stationed across four Fountain Square event venues: the Fountain Square Theatre, Radio Radio, The Hi-Fi and White Rabbit Cabaret. For several years, Tonic Ball covered artist and band exclusives, featuring Radio Radio as its exclusive venue for event promotion and festivities. As Tonic Ball increased in popularity, however, expansion was needed.

Tonic Ball’s Growth

Tonic Ball’s massive popularity extends from its touch upon multiple segments. Tiny Tonic, for kids, is a frequent installment. Art galleries, silent auctions and special event promotions, too, are featured, generating massive support for the event’s four venues. Tonic Ball is all about great music, local artwork and Grade-A entertainment.

Its purist approach to charity fund generation heavily contributes to its prolonged prevalence in the industry. While many venue openly support humble causes, few avidly promote charities in Tonic Ball’s likeness. The event’s many inclusions extend charity support across multiple formats—ensuring every visitor is prompted with support opportunities and community outreach resources.

Eskenazi Health and Tonic Ball Support

Tonic Ball sponsorship and its Friend of Tonic package enlists friends, employees and customers to demonstrate their unique additions. Eskenazi Health, a proud supporter of Tonic Ball’s featured charity promotions, works closely with event providers.

Eskenazi Health has made a great move in supporting Tonic Ball, too, as the marketing approach is well-aligned with Tonic Ball’s previously-crafted strategies. One of America’s biggest net health systems, Eskenazi Health currently offers care to approximately 1 million outpatient visitors, annually. Its goals to care, advocate, serve and teach community members is telling, as is its emphasis on Marion County, Indiana populations.

Eskenazi Health’s tight affiliation with Tonic Ball certainly enables maneuverability between community segments, sharing its resources with a wide array of age denominations. Their focus on accessible quality, here, is notable, as Tonic Ball’s midway solution between entertainment and charity support identifies with such standards. Healthcare outreach is notoriously tough, but Eskenazi Health’s lead support of Tonic Ball is certainly an effective maneuver.

Due to Tonic Ball’s community expansion, Eskenazi Health’s appeal will likely benefit. Facebook and Twitter support, of course, are part of Tonic Ball’s festivities, further enriching the Eskenazi Health impact. The event’s Second Helpings program, exclusive gallery and online media support make it a power-packed marketing event package for any provider looking to make a difference.