Toast and Talk Tuesdays with 216 The Beat and Coffee Phix Café

Radio station marketing schemes tend to be unique, and 216 The Beat holds few punches with it’s awesome broadcasting strategy. Regularly, radio stations promote via concert venues, rock events, races, runs and high-energy kick-offs. 216 The Beat does things differently, now bringing partner events and café promotion schemes into the mix.

The High-Energy Collaboration

Coffee Phix Café is a solid ground for the strategy. It’s hip, it’s warm and it’s one of Cleveland’s most-welcome locations. Visitors are urged to turn around if they’re looking for a Starbucks. Coffee Phix Café is something entirely different.

Monthly, Coffee Phix Café hosts live events, entertainment and unique approaches to the world of mic-night advertising. Seem like a good place for promotion? You wouldn’t be wrong. Coffee Phix Café is all about pleasure and entertainment, spanning across its Coffee & Conversation events, open-mic nights, poetry and chess nights. Sure, it’s a location for all the “regular city jazz,” but its identity is surely relatable to 216 The Beat—which chose wisely for its newest promotion.

Enter 216 The Beat

Coffee Phix Café might have awesome coffee, but 216 The Beat brings the jams. Normally, Coffee Phix Café is a day and night-life scene offering locally-roasted Berardis Fresh Roast, hosting a slew of menu items straight from Peru, Guatemala, France, Ethiopia and Italy.

216 The Beat, however, spices things up a bit. Their awesome collaboration will be led by the ever-popular Ms. Cream of The Crop, the radio station’s main broadcaster, to raise excitement for The Beat’s newest expansions.

While seemingly a small experience, 216 The Beat his the nail on the head in terms of industry-specific experiential efforts. Their Live Toast and Talk Tuesdays brings users across the city to Coffee Phix Café, driving in-store sales alongside out-of-store radio broadcasts. The partnership is golden, and 216 The Beat intends to use the partnership to sprout more partnerships. A break-out strategy built to please, 216 The Beat certainly engages customers correctly.

Social Media Outreach and Marketing Prowess

Of course, no breakaway campaign serves itself without a solid social media plan. 216 The Beat’s #Team216TheBeat Twitter platform accompanies everything, garnering support on the digital frontier.

216 The Beat is the only Internet radio service offering full music licensing, which is an important aside for such a campaign. BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and even Sound Exchange rely on The Beat for side-by-side promotion, making the café-tastic event a useful mechanic for multiple promotion strategies., The Beat’s host site, is available on TiVO, iTunes, Roku and other platforms. Every genre is covered, and The Beat’s practical approach to modern experiential marketing is more than notable. Sure, it’s a radio station, but even on-air producers need a little air.