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How to Host Dynamic (and Successful) Influencer Events

When you are banking on an audience of influencer types at your next marketing, fun, or another unique event, there are some key decisions you need to make and implement even before the big night in order to attract and bring in the all important influencer, one big secret to a successful event. Always remember that in the world of events-- attendees with the power to get your event information to the masses-- either through social media outlets such as Twitter or Instagram, the press, or some other form of publicity, are the big-ticket guests of the night.

Influencers are the movers and shakers of the event world which and as a result,  they are usually in high demand.  Your first touch needs to generate curiosity and interest enough so that they will want to learn more about what's happening, why, and where.  In short is this something they think is worth their time?

Because you are selling your event, brand, and more to the influencer, you'll want your invite to be perfect.  Electronic invites, while much more economical, are just not as effective as good old fashioned hard invites. Our suggestion: find out your influencers optimal contact time and send a hand-delivered, well-designed and impressive invite as a personal touch.  If you must send an emailed invite, refrain from using one of the online vendor products such as those found on Evite.  Instead send a personalized email from your personal account.  Influencers also want to know their presence will be valued and that the event organizer-- in this case you-- values them.

Once you have determined your target audience (Social Media Sweetheart or an A-list Celebrity who lives locally) be sure to court them appropriately always putting your best foot forward.  Don't forget the SWAG bag, or red carpet treatment promises.  Narrow the field and really focus on several key influencers who have an appeal to your targeted groups.

Known influencers are often drawn to events where they are able to interact and engage other influencers like them.  It's true.  Just like the choir kids in high-school hung out with the theater kids, key influencers want to be around other influencers.  These alliances are beneficial too, as you may want to encourage their involvement by inviting your chosen influencer to recommend a venue, artist, host, or speaker.  This will increase their investment and interest.

The right Event Influencer at the right time and the perfectly planned event can yield a home run event for your organization, product, and brand.  As you plan remember that their involvement is key and you should place an optimum on attracting them to your events for a win all-around.