Samsung Creates Digital Playground

It's obvious that something is very different the moment you walk into Samsung 837 in Manhattan. From the outside, this location looks much like any other big-city electronics store, and even its "837" name is just a reference to its address. However, once you go in, you can see that it isn't really a store at all. You have just entered the company's "digital playground," where you aren't meant to buy things, but instead, check out all of the latest offerings. In effect, it is a giant, interactive, 3D advertisement. Customers who check out this showroom won't be thinking of advertising as they indulge their desire to play with all of the electronics that are out and waiting for their attention. A giant screen, made up of 96 other screens, grabs that attention like a hook. When there are no events or shows taking place, visitors get to use it to display selfies. What makes these selfies unique is that each image is made up of the selfies of previous visitors, all automatically arranged to produce the picture like a big mosaic.

Visitors also get to experience their social media identities in a way never before seen. After entering account information into an interface, a special room full of screens shows a huge array of posts while a voice reads out hashtag information. This room has a tunnel-like construction, and screens are everywhere – including underfoot. Once the visual display is over, the screens turn into mirrors, bringing the maximum impact to the visitor's experience.

Many other displays are there, and some of the other floors have a different look and feel in order to better simulate the situations in which the products are used. All of these exhibits help immerse the visitor into Samsung's own electronic world and imagine more possibilities for the company's products. All around, staff explain how to use the exhibits, describe products, and keep everyone oriented. Samsung has also made the location's one-on-one customer care center available online. This completes the experience for visitors who decide to get more information later on.

Yet, despite all of this effort, none of the products are for sale at that particular location. Instead, the purpose of Samsung 837 is to let people directly interact with Samsung products, see the many awe-inspiring ways they can be used, and help visitors decide which ones to get after they leave the Electronic Playground.

This is just one example of how a venue can be set up to change a set of displays from mere advertising into full-immersion experiential marketing. For more ideas, and for the perfect venue for your short-term marketing event, just contact us. Our SoHo Studios venue can handle all of the creativity you can put into your show.