Soho Studios is a unique venue where event planners can create exceptional events in the heart of Miami.

1. Tell us how much you want to pay.

2. Tell us how many days you need inclusive of load in and load out.

3. Wait for approval, and if approved we will send you a proposal confirmation. 

4. Best part, we will respond same day. 

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Whether you're planning a conference, seminar, wedding, or a fundraiser, our event space for rent offers the perfect place to host these types of events. Our sacred space is one of a kind.  

Experiential Events

Community and social events are great to have at our event space in Miami, as the weather and proximity to hotels create a simple yet social way to impress and please guests. 

Live Music Events

Our event space is great for live music and entertainment as we have the capacity to host small intimate events through to large scale events where several thousands can enjoy themselves.