Photography Studio at Soho

Miami is one of the world's most prestigious locations for photo shoots. Florida is home to beautiful locations, weather, and talent. Soho Studios has been embraced in the South Florida photography scene because of its diverse space. The mix of industrial chic and fresh sun light on the grounds is the perfect setting for capturing amazing images. Our space has been used by some of the most well known photographers and companies nationwide. This past quarter we had the privilege to host many photo shoots at our studio.

Here's a glimpse of the Puma shoot at Soho Studios - Usain Bolt "The World's Fastest Man" (located on the far right)

Boston Proper also utilized the more industrial space to capture a chic look for their recent campaign.

Our space is very easy to utilize for photo shoots of any size. There are convenient access points across the property, various ceiling heights, several spaces to make room for trailers, dressing rooms, make-up rooms, and props. Keep posted here for the many new photo shoots, events, and studio spaces at Soho.

Soho Studios offers a wide range of space ideal for photo shoots, Florida film studios, television studios, and events.