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Commercial Photography in Miami

Miami, Florida has become a Mecca for photographers and agencies looking for just the right backdrops for their work. It offers the intensity of a diverse metropolitan area, yet is just minutes away from sand, palm trees, and crystal clear blue waters. Miami photo shoot locations offer photographers in Miami the ability to create using everything from multi-million dollar mansions to the faces of hard working street vendors.

More and more commercial photographers are discovering Soho Studios as one of the best Miami venues for professional film and photography. Soho Studios offer over 65,000 square feet of versatile space. It is large enough to shoot a fleet of cars, yet it can be intimate enough for a lingerie campaign.

Located in Miami’s trendy Wynwood District, Soho Studios provides the exclusivity and privacy needed for photo and video sessions involving even the biggest names in the entertainment business. In circumstances where confidentiality, security, and privacy are critical, the team at Soho Studios can deliver.

If you are considering a commercial photography location, need space with the capability to provide remarkably diverse backdrops, or are even producing a music video, consider Miami, Florida and Soho Studios. We are South Florida’s premier photography studio, music venue, and convention space facility. We offer event space Miami and South Florida utilizes for a variety of projects, meetings, and shows. We have been transformed into party venues Miami is building its reputation on. Our world-class clientele includes names like Absolut, Puma, Ford Motor, Evian and American Apparel and many more.

Have an idea or concept? Contact the team at Soho Studios. Our network of South Florida vendors and suppliers can help you facilitate getting your commercial photography project done at the highest of levels. Our experienced staff can offer you the assistance to deliver your project to the most uncompromising of standards. There are photography studios in Miami…and then there is Soho Studios. Versatility, experience, and responsiveness. For commercial photography in Miami, choose Soho Studios.

How to put on a fashion show

When you want to show off your clothing designs and get some excellent exposure one of the best ways to do it is to host a fashion show displaying your clothing line. This is the way all of the big designers started their careers.

One the most important elements of putting on as flawless fashion show is picking the perfect venue to have it at. You want to choose a company that is experienced in hosting events like yours, and that is well known in the community. Soho Studios in the Wynwood District is an excellent site to choose. It is well known in the community for its successful events. They host a variety of high profile events such as charity events, fashion photography, parties and formals, and many successful fashion shows, especially during Fashion Week. They have a superb rental space available and will provide you with professional accommodations.

There is a lot to do before Fashion Week, and exposure is the key to success for up and coming, and experienced designers as well. Miami is a great place to get started. Having a Miami fashion show could be the key to your success. This is not an easy task, you have to have a workable plan, and dedicated sponsors will help too.

Your entire plan and schedule of events should be in place long before the show. You will need plenty of time to put together your models, clothing, makeup artists, marketing and advertising, and your budget. Your budget may change as you plan your event, do not plan to stick strictly to your budget, leave room for flexibility.

You should then choose the theme of your venue, think of the type and design of your clothing line and try to draw inspiration from it. If your clothes are not in line with the atmosphere of your show it will be distracting to the guests. You want your show to flow smoothly from start to finish. This will include the décor of the event area as well as the music that you may have. It should all work together.

Of course you will need assistance with all of the preparation; you may be able to find people who are interested in fashion, art, makeup, etc. that would be willing to donate their time in return for the experience and knowledge they will get from assisting you. You do want to save money with volunteers, but do not forget the importance of having some paid professionals in place. They will be the ones that you will rely the most on to guide the volunteers, and this will relieve you of having to watch every second of the planning process as well as, and most importantly, the day of the show.

How to shoot an Editorial

An editorial photo shoot is a series of images that tell a story. As a photographer, editorial photo shoots are a favorite to shoot by many photographers because it allows for more creativity than most typical photo shoots. The cosmopolitan air of Miami lends itself to some of the most recognizable and incredible work photographers do. Miami has so many of the essential elements it takes to shoot a compelling and unforgettable editorial.

Location selection is key when shooting an editorial. The location you choose to tell your story makes a world of difference to visually articulate a clear story. For some of the best venue options in editorial photography in Miami, Soho Studios is ideal. Soho Studios is not only a premiere Miami photography studio but also an event and concert space as well as a film and TV studio. A multitude of scenic spaces lend to the background potential of a Florida photo shoot like no other.

It’s important to arrive to the location for the photo shoot well before your subjects call time in order have enough time to prepare your shots. When you take the time to set up each individual shot correctly you be sure to shoot amazing photos that convey a definitive story about your subject. Make sure to set up all lighting and equipment just right and spend time checking out your light sources in each space. Don't overlook shots that are atypical, such as on the roof or down a long hallway; depending on what it is you intend to illustrate these shots can pack just as much punch as an extreme close up.

Take plenty of test shots in each of your pre-chosen locations to make sure they are in line with the story you are trying to tell. The test shots will give you a better idea of how your subject will appear when you shoot him/her/it in that exact same spot and potential changes in lighting or if you should need a flash and to what magnitude if you do. Mood is everything when depicted in different color tones, and thus an effective tool for editorial photography. Problems with perspective and interference from reflections can be caught early with the test shots and corrected when you shoot in certain spots. It is important to know the story that you want to convey and understand the essence of your client when shooting an editorial. Make sure you do your research and have fun!

We love film production in Miami!

With the advent of the film industry, Florida quickly became a film making destination. In the days of silent movies, Florida's weather and beautiful locations made it comparable to Hollywood for film production and, eventually for use by television studios as well.

Today, Florida remains only behind California and New York as favored sites for movies.

Miami in particular has become a desired location.

Miami has a rich tradition of film festivals that appeal to a diverse audience. There is of course, the Miami International Film Festival, but others include the Miami Jewish Film Festival, The Miami Short Film Festival, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and the Doc Miami International Film Festival. Miami also has served as the site of American Black Film Festival, The Israel Film Festival and the Brazilian Film Festival.

Miami’s festivals, artistic atmosphere, and ever increasing impressive facilities continue to make Miami an increasingly desired location. Enter "film production Miami" as keywords in an online search, and you'll discover Miami as a convenient and affordable choice for film and television studios producers.

The groundwork has been laid for film production in Miami, and independent film makers in particular, have found it a fertile and budget friendly alternative to getting projects done on time.

An amazing South Florida asset is Soho Studios.

Located in the trendy Wynwood District of Miami, Soho Studios are a versatile facility has been utilized for concert venues, trade shows, art galleries, and of course Miami’s premier film and television studio.

If you are considering film production in South Florida and are searching for a Miami film studio, you should at least consider Soho Studios.

A talented staff, incredible space, and a South Florida atmosphere that will keep you wanting more are just of few of the reasons to look into Soho Studios.

There are years of film and television history in Miami, Florida and it continues to grow with every successful project completed in convenient, budget friendly locations. Learn more, and consider South Florida and the impressive Soho Studios for your next project.

Photography Studio at Soho

Miami is one of the world's most prestigious locations for photo shoots. Florida is home to beautiful locations, weather, and talent. Soho Studios has been embraced in the South Florida photography scene because of its diverse space. The mix of industrial chic and fresh sun light on the grounds is the perfect setting for capturing amazing images. Our space has been used by some of the most well known photographers and companies nationwide. This past quarter we had the privilege to host many photo shoots at our studio.

Here's a glimpse of the Puma shoot at Soho Studios - Usain Bolt "The World's Fastest Man" (located on the far right)

Boston Proper also utilized the more industrial space to capture a chic look for their recent campaign.

Our space is very easy to utilize for photo shoots of any size. There are convenient access points across the property, various ceiling heights, several spaces to make room for trailers, dressing rooms, make-up rooms, and props. Keep posted here for the many new photo shoots, events, and studio spaces at Soho.

Soho Studios offers a wide range of space ideal for photo shoots, Florida film studios, television studios, and events.