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BAZAAR's PopUp Store at Art Basel Miami Beach

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when Art Basel returns to Miami Beach, bringing with it a crowd of art enthusiasts and global jet setters. Art Basel Miami Beach is the perfect scenario for building brand recognition for well-known artists, as well as the obscure. Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach can be accomplished via pop-up art fairs, parties and additional avenues. These events in Miami attract potential consumers, media members, and local art collectors from Miami and the surrounding areas. International art advocates are never left out of the scene, as they prepare to travel to all venues in Miami to view the new collection of the world’s most avant garde artists.

Bazaar at Art Basel Miami Beach

ShopBAZAAR is scheduled to return to Art Basel Miami Beach from December 3-5, 2013. Their pop-up store will feature exclusive viewings for public and private shopping experiences. In 2012 their must-have fashions with a retail flair encouraged people to immediately purchase items. ShopBAZAAR is planning on having the same instant-gratification reaction at this year’s pop-up experience. The venue provides the perfect electric atmosphere to encourage shoppers to shop until they drop. Exclusive items such as limited edition Jennifer Fisher ‘apostrophe’ earrings and specially designed MCM handbags by artists Craig & Karl will be available for purchase. To peruse the ShopBAZAAR collection be sure to stop by the Soho Beach House - an exclusive event space Miami.

The art world buzz surrounding the return of ShopBAZAAR to Art Basel Miami Beach signifies the growing marketing trend that is associated with this event. Imagine a place where art can be viewed both privately and publicly; where you can discover new artists; fall in love with old favorites; and purchase exclusive artwork … upon opening your eyes from this imagined venue, and you will soon realize that in fact it is a reality. Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 is set to exceed its 2012 successes.

Marketing Your Brand at Art Basel Miami: Fashion, Art and Glamour

A week long party for art collectors, admirers and vendors—Art Basel proves to be an exciting event each winter on Miami Beach. Full of celebrities, raging night clubs, fashion and pulsing with glamorous night life, Art Basel grows larger and more influential each year. High end galleries and selected exhibitors display myriads of work filling South Beach and spilling into Miami proper.

Fashion Brands at Art Basel Miami Beach

Where Fashion Mingles with Art

Art Basel is the event to be marketing your brand at, packing crowds of people into venues in Miami. Luxury brands, like Dior, Chanel, Valentino and Dom Perignon, writhe with excitement at events like these. Fine art, festivities and fashion brands is a popular mix, drawing a huge crowd of celebrities, socialites, collectors and models.

Marketing Your Brand

With brands like evian product pushing or Lacoste throwing events, it is easy to get missed in glamour and hype of the high roller crowd. Choosing a central venue in Miami early is the first step to marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach. Of the event space Miami has to offer, SoHo Studios is a unique space in the center of the Miami art district.

- Located in the Wynwood District

- Popular for events, fashion shows, concerts, parties, galas, and gallery shows

- Largest venue in Miami with over 70,000 square feet of event space

Unlike other party venues Miami offers, our Soho Studios is a nontraditional space and a blank canvas, ready to be transformed to fit your brand. Our large space can be adapted to whatever size will best suit your event and our central location will help draw in the Art Basel crowds.

Making a Brand-Worthy Statement

Over-the-top parties and shows planned down to the most miniscule detail are the types of events that will get your brand noticed. After you choose a location that will make your brand look good, begin strategizing ways to promote your brand through activities and product display. At SoHo Studios, we can help you plan catering, décor, travel arrangements and other aspects of event logistics with our full staff and outside partnerships.

The Art Bar from Absolut at Art Basel Miami Beach

Absolut Vodka is no stranger to creative marketing that catches the attention of young people and international-minded fashion. However, many are not aware that Absolut has been committed for over three decades to supporting the arts, many times funding major construction installations as well. One of their more recent projects involved the installation of an art bar designed by Los Carpinteros which gained lots of attention and reviews at Art Basel Miami Beach. 

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami Beach

Los Carpinteros are a Havana-based collective that produce art from carpentry with no specific individual claiming authorship. Instead, dedicating themselves to an approach from years before, Los Carpinteros attribute accomplishment to the entire group of workers, similar to past guilds of carpenters. Their work has been displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Los Angeles County Art Museum, and the Tate Modern Museum in London.

Partnered with Art Basel Miami, Soho Studios Miami provides the premium location for artists and partnered projects like the Absolut Bar to be displayed. Being one of the largest of venue in miami, Soho Studios allows artists and business to mingle freely while promoting the arts. For businesses, the venue allows companies to have an inside corner with art festivals. Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach will be no problem because the event space miami festival is literally in the same neighborhood. Compared to other venues in Miami, Soho Studios literally provides the premium location, size and spot for a company-art combined presence.

Soho Studios is also available during other times of the year as well, making it a prime location for catering, school graduation events, fashion shows and weddings, DJ music events, photo shoots and commercial video production, charity conferences and seminars. There is no limitation to the large scale type of events that can be planned for and managed at Soho Studios. So for the next Art Basel Miami Beach event, take a moment to check out Soho Studios. You will be impressed with the commercial opportunities available versus other party venues Miami offers.

The official champagne of Art Basel Miami Beach

You may not know this yet, but this is the third year that Ruinart, world's preeminent champagne brand, is a proud sponsor of Art Basel Miami Beach. This particular prestigious Miami event and is an internationally revered art show for international art works from around the planet. For the 2013 event, the company came up with the "Miroir" ice bucket from French designer Herve Van der Straeten.

Brand Marketing

It is an angular container comprising what can be best described as a folding enclosure of flat mirrored sides, slightly inclined. You might say that the container offers a peculiarly angular and flat look. The structure perversely complements the golden-filled, clear, curvaceous glass bottles with gold and maroon labels and gold-tone foil. Just 50 copies of the design were produced by Christofle in its France-based Haute Orfevrerie workshop.

You might appreciate that marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is not just a champagne proposition. The German automaker BMW has been doing it for years, providing a stylish shuttle service fleet.

As for the Champagne Ruinart, the sparkly wine maker's involvement with art is hardly ad hoc. As you may already know, the Art Basel Miami Beach inception to actualization. The ice bucket project was carefully planned over a process that took nine months to perfect. Since Art Basel is an annual event, and the company seeks to collaborate with different artists each time. These collaborations typically run for two years prior to the event, from hese collaborations typically run for two years prior to the event, from inception to actualization. The ice bucket project was carefully planned over a process that took nine months to perfect.

Nicolas Ricroque, Ruinart's US brand director, says that Ruinart has been involved with the arts for almost 300 years. Ricroque states that Dom Ruinart was an art expert among other things, and that since his time, the family has been avidly and passionately collecting art.

Art Collector's Lounge at Art Basel Miami Beach is a venue in Miami and event space Miami. Among venues in Miami, it ranks with art patrons alongside The Miami Art Museum as the largest art show in the world. You are cordially invited, and if you cannot attend, consider toasting us with Ruinart.

Event Space for Weddings

For the future bride and groom finding an event space for the wedding can feel like an awesome task. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and the venue for the wedding is an essential feature in your very special day. Be mindful and envision the ambiance that you feel is representative of your union, in addition to accommodating your wedding guests.

Event Space for Weddings

Here are some wedding planning tips to help you through the process:


When finding an event space for your wedding, it is important to determine the approximate number of your visitors.  Be sure to establish the number of guests attending and create a list so you know what kind space to reserve  for your wedding.


All expenses for your wedding should be properly accounted for in order to determine how much is allocated in your budget to rent a wedding venue. Always determine what is in your budget prior to looking for a wedding venue, so you have a clear idea when you are doing your research on event space for weddings. It is also important to look around and see what kind of deals you can get. For example, some spaces can be significantyly less, if you agree to use their wedding catering services.


There are so many great ideas to choose from when you are selecting a theme for your wedding. Feeling a little retro? Try a swing themed wedding with dance instructors and a big band. Miami is a popular location for destination weddings. What about a wedding on the beach? Many event spaces can inspire a theme, so do not be afraid to visit various locations for that perfect event space for wedding.


In the age of information many venues can be previewed online, so be sure to research event space on the internet. Many wedding venues have their own websites and you can surf around until you find something that engages  your interest. This will help save you time and unnecessary travel expenses. Once you narrow it down to a few different wedding venues you can schedule a visit in person. Phone numbers and contact persons are also available on the site to make it easier for anyone to inquire.

Finding a wedding venue is one of the most important elements of planning a wedding. With these tips the process is clearly outlined and will make the journey down the isle that much more enjoyable.

Finding the perfect event space

Whether it is a corporate event or a launch party, finding an event space is an important part of event planning. An accessible venue where almost everything is convenient, such as entertainment, business, and commerce are the more popular settings for almost all types of corporate and special events. If your guests are traveling from out of town a location where there are hotels and other event venues can also be a top choice for event planners. Large corporate events, trade shows, press conferences, or even a simple business meeting can well be accommodated in venues with these features.

Event Space Needle and Mudhoney

Think out of the box to find the perfect event space. In celebration of Seattle record label Sub Pop's 25th anniversary Mudhoney performed a show atop the Seattle Space Needle.

An event space should meet the requirements of your event type, in addition to  fitting within the budget for your event. Some event spaces offer all the amenities and facilities that might be necessary for the event, and some may only offer a raw space, so you may have to retain some event services from an outside vendor, such as catering and security. Remember that a venue selection plays a major role in the success of any event, so be mindful of the details in the process of looking.

In finding an event space, these factors can be helpful:


Peak seasons usually affect  pricing. It is best to explore options in places where rates are considerate and does not drastically change. Choose a location where spaces are flexible yet quality amenities, service and facilities are still the top priorities. Get down to date with slower periods, or suggest an alternative schedule and dates to negotiate a better price.

Detail Oriented

Give more attention to details since even a minor overlook may lead to disaster on the big day. Just be familiar with the details of the venue and check on the very basic requirements of finding an event space. Evaluate and define the specific needs of the event before finally deciding on the location.

Check Event History

An event planner usually keeps records of the past events which includes various event spaces, venues and even the corresponding prices. This can be useful in finding an event space. In some instances, event planners who had been a frequent customer for event venues usually get prioritized and given a much lower price and discounts.

Finding the perfect event space and negotiating with various venues can require time. It can be difficult to identify if you got the best deal. When it comes down to it, select an event space that meets the needs of the event, without jeopardizing finances. When negotiating, it might be helpful to  inform the owner of a certain venue for a possible repeat reservations in the future, for some yearly business meetings or annual convention perhaps. An incentive or a promotion might be offered during the negotiation to secure the perfect event space.

Event Trends and Event Decor

Are you fond of spending time planning events and decorating them? Maybe you are just fond of attending wonderfully-designed celebrations. Either way, you might be particular when it comes to the event decors that you are seeing. You might have some suggestions in mind or maybe you already said something to the event coordinator or planner. In order to give you further ideas with regards to having the grandest event decor, there are some tips for today’s top trends.

One of the biggest event trends in 2013 was providing users with an interactive experience via social media. One example of this is including a Twitter Wall where attendees can Tweet comments at the event and their tweet would be projected onto a large screen for all to see.

Event Trends

As an event coordinator or event planner, how can you say that you are going to be having a success in bringing out the best trends in event decor? It’s simple. All you have to do is ask your client. Their say about the event decorations is very important because it is them that you have to please, including their guests, of course. Thus, you can also give them ideas on how to put up those decors appropriately.

Nowadays, the cocoon style is very famous. What is cocooning? According to an event producer, Timot McGonagle, it is the process of wrapping a certain space in layers, focusing on the moods and creating a multi-sensory environment. For instance, you can divide a certain corner into two to four different environments depending on your style. Then, guests on that part will be able to feel the essence of being in different areas by just staying in one place. Cool, right?

Another option in event decor is the double-duty décor. How does this style works? Well, all you have to do is put a single décor in two different places. For instance, if you have an arrangement near the door, you can put it near the dining if it suits your style. At least, with this trend, you can add a little spice to either element in order to make it less boring. Most of all, this gives a big portion of cut-down on your costs. See? It’s hitting both worlds – quality and quantity.

Try selecting a theme for your event and base the decor around it.  A Las Vegas themed event would have casino-like decorations,   poker-like tables and chairs and don’t forget the most important thing – colorful Vegas-esque lights everywhere! You can also try rock star-themed events. Now, if you want it plain, black and white is the most recommended. It’s plain yet it’s bold and classy at the same time.

These are only some suggested styles for event decor.  Now, if you want to modify it, you are always free to do so. You can add a little warmth by adding some lamps decors or pillows. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and don’t use dark colors if you want to brighten up the place.

Experiment! Don’t be afraid to do so because through experimentation, you can be able to discover the most suitable event decor that you may love. Wait, don’t forget to take pictures, too.

Event space for weddings

Weddings are nonetheless known as the big day in all cultures and societies. When there are so many preparations to make, picking the right event space for wedding is the key element that can make your big day the most memorable one in your life. This is because it is the venue that will determine all the forthcoming features that you had always wanted to be in your dream wedding day. Moreover, all the choices should be looked out about and discussed in detail before going forth with depositing.

Miami Heat Basketball Star Lebron James selected a resort in San Diego as the perfect space for wedding long time girlfriend Savannah Brinson.

Finding the perfect wedding space

So, what are the details that you need to cater to while selecting the best event space for wedding?

Size of the Wedding

While you are looking at different venues, first be very sure about the size of your guest lists. Though a church is usually the best size to accommodate guests for service, dinner has to be dealt with differently. The idea here is to choose a venue that is big enough to accommodate a good number of people leaving room for potential guests who may decide to turn up unexpectedly at the end of the day.


If you had always wanted to be married in a space outdoors, beneath the sky or under the perfect nightfall ensure that you have done all the unexpected weather change preparations. This may vary from season to season. So, if it’s a rainy season then your event space for wedding should have back up arrangement so that your big day doesn't get ruined all because of a small shower to commemorate your day.


Designing your own budget before planning on a wedding keeps you safe to many levels. It is always better to come up with a definite size for event space for wedding venue, so that you can then plan ahead as to how much you can manage with the remaining expenses. In seasons of wedding, booking a good place can become daunting. Therefore, it is always better to book in advance so that there is plenty of room for you to go with other arrangements.

Reception choices

There is no dearth to venues of wedding that also give reception amenities on the site. A good number of people who look for event space for wedding are on the lookout for this two in one option. This also goes for those who would like to give the reception immediately once the ceremony has taken place and wish to accommodate their guests both ways.

In a nutshell, picking an event space is one of the most special aspects of any wedding planning. The task can be quite overwhelming since the to-do list in wedding plans is a never ending one.  Also, once this part of the arrangement has been done you can relax and look forward to the fun part of celebrations such as decorations, dancing, food and what not. So, locating a place that is under your budget and is comfortable can truly make your wedding a time to remember for life.

How to find the Perfect Event Space

What makes a good event space for one event is potentially disastrous for another event. Various venues are suitable for different purposes. Can you imagine a religious convention in a place that serves alcohol? What about a business conference in a venue that hosts a football match? There are a number of factors to consider before making a decision on where to host an event. From location and amenities to capacity and budget, an event planner should have all these factors evaluated before deciding that a venue is perfect for the event.

Event Space in Miami

Soho Studios is the premier event space in Miami that features 70,000 sq ft of trans-formative space for events. Be sure to connect with the team of experts at Soho Studios to help you plan your next event.

Amenities List Request

An event planner should ask for the amenities list from several facilities’ managers before settling on one venue to host his event. Most event organizers will require amenities such as disabled access, parking, proper accommodation, availability of catering services, rooms available among others. What is important here is to ensure that the amenities available at the venue suit the needs of the guests expected to attend the event. Finding the perfect event space may be a herculean task, but an event planner should not compromise more than 10% of his expectations of a venue where they intend to host a successful event.

Actual Visitation of the Venue

Before you confirm the venue as suitable for your event, you should to make an actual physical visitation. Most people will say their facilities are fit for human habitation but it is important to confirm in person that there are no issues with the venue, such as unkempt grounds, poor plumbing, limited available restrooms, and other small issues that are cannot be determined without a visit to the venue. Make sure that all your venue requirements are in order before you commit your money and success of your event to the venue.


If the facility has in-house catering services, how efficient are they? What is the menu on offer? Is the menu appropriate for your guests? If the facility does offer catering services, can they recommend a solution? Are there restaurants near by that would work? Is the food in the restaurant within the realm of your budget?  These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself as far as your event attendant’s daily food rations are concerned. Find the perfect event space for your event in terms of catering.


One of the cardinal rules in business is to stay within your budget no matter what. However, this rule may not be very friendly to event organizers. Your budget maybe too small that affording decent event space may be out of your reach. You are better off not hosting an event, than hosting an event in a shabby facility. True, your targeted market may not be well off or might not mind, but this directly reflects on your ability to sponsor decent events. Finding the perfect event space should be a priority for any event organizer. Anything short of this looks, at best, unprofessional.

Event Catering

Catering is the professional preparation and serving of food and beverages. Event planners find it a convenient method of advancing their guest’s hospitality needs. The business is booming – and why not – the hospitality industry has upped its game. But what does event catering entail? What are the expected industry minimum standards? Well, like all businesses, it requires professionalism and meticulous planning. Without a good team, event catering will be a bad experience for the person organizing it.

A great example of an event where you can find a wide variety of catering for events in Miami is The South Beach Wine and Food Festival. The Wine and Food Festival is four day culinary extravaganza that features wine and cuisine from all over the planet.

Below are the various stages of an event catering process.

Cooking and Delivery

To be successful at event catering, caterers need to be adept at food preparation and cooking. To be a professional cook or chef, you need to have under gone at least 3 years training in a food and hospitality college. Hygiene when cooking food cannot be gainsaid. The most successful event catering business is the one that observes personal hygiene almost to the level of eccentricity. You need to have the necessary cooking utensils such as cooking pots, cooking pans, cooking sticks etc. Good cooking is one thing, delivering the food in a hygienic and professional manner is another. Food delivery is a nightmare if you do not have the right equipment. You need to have automobiles that are sanitized, good packaging utensils and crockery, and refrigerated vans for perishable vegetables and drinks. You need to be able to deliver the food in time, serve in time and clear out the event venue in time. Event catering is a time conscious business.

Staffing Logistics

Event catering should be an organized affair. You will need to have the kitchen staff, the transportation staff, the waiting staff, managers, suppliers of food materials to the kitchen, event decorators as well as cleaning staff. As an owner of an event catering business, you will be expected to handle this staffing logistics with ease. Before taking up an event catering job, this entire staff must be in place. Failure to have the necessary staff is planning to fail.

Event Venue Preparation and Serving

Most companies that outsource event catering services expect the catering firm to decorate and arrange the venue as well as serve the guests. From event themes and colors to table arrangement and fixing a temporary bar and kitchen, a manager at a catering firm is expected to have the event venue ready. Note that event catering is not a business for the faint hearted or the disorganized. It is a business for people with excellent planning capabilities. To handle the large number of people and logistics, you need to have management skills and high emotional quotient. You will need to be able to balance competing egos with your business agenda. From arrival times of the various event guests to meal times and beverages servings, a caterer will have his hands full. Always remember to ask what kind of guests will be attending the event. You do not want to be caught off guard by having guests that are vegetarians, teetotalers, or those that are restricted by their religions from taking certain foods. Event catering is a highly complex and demanding business, yet being involved in it is both exhilarating and involving.