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How to Make Your Corporate Event or Party Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Corporate Event or Party Eco-Friendly

Every company can get extra goodwill by making their event or corporate party more eco-friendly. However, it can seem hard to do this when you have to serve or entertain large groups of people. How can you minimize the environmental footprint of 100 or even 1,000 event attendees? Fortunately, there are ways to set up your events so that even large ones have elements that are easier on the environment than their alternatives. Here are some ideas you can implement without much trouble:

Choose Reusable Tableware

Washing dishes requires soap and water, but the alternative – paper and plastic – is even worse for the environment. Paper production uses much more water than washing, and it typically results in large amounts of pollution thanks to the use of bleaches and dyes in the production process. Plastic, of course, is a petroleum product. Even worse, plastic doesn't degrade within a reasonable timeframe (some say it takes 500 years to disappear). Eliminating both paper and plastic is clearly the eco-friendly move.

Serve Vegetarian Meals

A good caterer can make vegetarian food taste great, and if your event calls for snacks and sandwiches instead of dinners, your guests may not even notice that meat isn't on the menu. The environmental benefit results from the efficiency of growing vegetables and grains compared to that of raising meat.

Why avoid meat? Raising meat animals produces pollution in the form of animal waste, contributes to greenhouse gas levels due to methane excretion, and requires more food since the feed has to go through another layer before it gets to you. Plants are much cleaner to grow, and they're more efficient because when you eat them directly, you essentially "cut out the middleman" of the food chain.

Hold Your Event in a Big City

When you have your event in a big city like Miami, your guests will be able to reach the venue via public transportation. This, of course, cuts down on the amount of gas used and air pollution produced. As a bonus, the area will have plenty of other things to do after your event ends, and your guests will love the extra entertainment possibilities.

Use Digital Signage

Many events are festooned with a wide variety of posters, pennants, and other printed materials. When the event ends, all of this paper is simply thrown away. Avoid all of that waste by using digital signs. Thanks to today's lightweight flat screens, these signs can be mounted in stands as well as hung on walls. Since they're digital, there's no need to throw them out when the current graphics become obsolete. Simply program them with new images for your next event. Alternatively, rent digital signs and simply hand them in to the rental company after your event ends.

Use Recycled Paper for Printed Materials

Digital signs eliminate the need for much paper, but you still may want to print out programs, brochures, or business cards for your event. In these cases, use paper that is totally or partially recycled to minimize your ecological footprint.

Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

Provide reusable bottles instead and have refill stations set up so guests can get more water as it is needed. If you just can't see going without the traditional plastic kind, set up recycle bins to collect them as they're emptied. Look for water brands that use recycled plastic for their bottles, too.

Rent Durable Materials

Venues such as our Soho Studios offer the chance to rent props, carpets, and other essentials for your event. Choose this option to avoid needlessly throwing away or endlessly storing items that could actually be used for years. If you do buy your own accessories, donate them to charities if you won't be reusing them.

Use Energy-Efficient Items

Many events require special gear. Make sure to choose the most efficient versions that will do the job. One suggestion is to make sure that you have LED lighting whenever possible. These lights are some of the most efficient readily-available ones on the market today.

Mention How Eco-Friendly Your Event Will Be

Helping the environment is great on its own, but the purpose of a corporate event is marketing. Be sure to let everyone know that your event is as green as possible and mention specific steps you've taken to make it that way. This will ensure that you get the expected bump in goodwill.

These are just some of the ways you can make your event more eco-friendly. Even if you can only implement some of them, you'll have a greener event than you would if you used the old-fashioned versions of everything.

For a highly flexible venue in Miami, choose Soho Studios. We have up to 70,000 square feet of configurable space and rental options for all major event elements.

The Event Trends That Aren't Trending Anymore


Not all event trends are made equal. Sometimes, things don’t work out. In 2017, several event décor elements have been shelved. Today’s planners are yesterday’s industry enactors, and they’re retracing their steps to fortify 2017’s best options. Below, we’re sharing the played-out décor options a lot of marketers have left behind.  

Ice Bars

Ice bars were big in 2016. In fact, a small tidal wave of experiential ice-based events popped up. They’re cool, but they were overdone. Ice bars and sculptures can be truly artistic, but a fully ice-themed display network is need. Event managers are shelving the ice trend, as it’s simply too hard to secure. Often, thousands of dollars, alone, are needed to secure a viable location.

Paper Flowers

Event leaders like Brian Worley of YourBash! are doing away with paper flowers. Tossing away paper flower displays may be petty, but there’s a method to the materialistic madness. Paper flowers are eye-catching, when installed correctly. That said, they’re difficult to navigate. Event marketers, now, are realizing the legwork needed to create a substantial, laser-cut paper flower display. Modern art only goes so far, apparently.

Gif Booths

What gives? In 2016, digital gif display booths were all the rage. In 2017, however, they’re being left by the wayside. As it turns out, shared photos are losing out to all-new VR experiences. 360-cam features, live-action displays and three-dimensional sets are taking over. Already, well-curated Instagram feeds are focusing on the modern guest’s attention to immersion. Gifs, simply put, are becoming outdated. They won’t necessarily disappear in 2017, but they’ve certainly fallen from good graces.

Anything Shiny

Strictly décor-speaking, we feel shiny surfaces deserve a mention. We enjoy sparkling tables, backdrops and sequin table linens, but we’ve noticed a reduction in overall shine-play. Leaders like André Wells of Events by André Wells have spoken out, and their message is clear: Stone, marble and other organic materials are on the rise. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough room for anything shiny.

Don’t fret, however, because you’re still “in the game” if you’re using the above-mentioned décor and technology options. For every experiential cultural shift, there’s a counterculture. You won’t need to stick with the flow if you’re banking on classic attributions. Tread lightly, however, because several décor options are certainly being stripped away. Whether you’re an event planner, a business marketer or simply researching new ideas, it’s a good idea to stay updated. Listen to today’s creative directors, because they’ve seen it all. Sometimes, critical eyes are needed to keep the events pruned and looking good.

Best Part Venue in Miami


Venue in Miami Soho Studios is proud to announce that we have won Best Party Venue in Miami in Miami New Times' Best Of Miami 2015.

From product launches, brand awareness campaigns, private events, concerts, festivals and corporate events, Soho Studios turned an untraditional venue in Miami to the best place to host an event.

Event Space Miami

At Soho Studios we work with many experiential marketing agencies from all over the world to host and produce unforgettable events. As we focus on the year ahead will continue to connect international brands with local audiences in Miami.

Oculto event Miami

We recently hosted an event for Anheuser-Busch's new brand of beer called Oculto. This event was truly one of kind as Mother Inc from New York spent a month building a Manor that had many different rooms that inspired guests to participate with others in creating memories and secrets. View the video to watch more.

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Thank you for visiting Soho Studios and we hope to see you in the near future.



Event Space for Weddings

For the future bride and groom finding an event space for the wedding can feel like an awesome task. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and the venue for the wedding is an essential feature in your very special day. Be mindful and envision the ambiance that you feel is representative of your union, in addition to accommodating your wedding guests.

Event Space for Weddings

Here are some wedding planning tips to help you through the process:


When finding an event space for your wedding, it is important to determine the approximate number of your visitors.  Be sure to establish the number of guests attending and create a list so you know what kind space to reserve  for your wedding.


All expenses for your wedding should be properly accounted for in order to determine how much is allocated in your budget to rent a wedding venue. Always determine what is in your budget prior to looking for a wedding venue, so you have a clear idea when you are doing your research on event space for weddings. It is also important to look around and see what kind of deals you can get. For example, some spaces can be significantyly less, if you agree to use their wedding catering services.


There are so many great ideas to choose from when you are selecting a theme for your wedding. Feeling a little retro? Try a swing themed wedding with dance instructors and a big band. Miami is a popular location for destination weddings. What about a wedding on the beach? Many event spaces can inspire a theme, so do not be afraid to visit various locations for that perfect event space for wedding.


In the age of information many venues can be previewed online, so be sure to research event space on the internet. Many wedding venues have their own websites and you can surf around until you find something that engages  your interest. This will help save you time and unnecessary travel expenses. Once you narrow it down to a few different wedding venues you can schedule a visit in person. Phone numbers and contact persons are also available on the site to make it easier for anyone to inquire.

Finding a wedding venue is one of the most important elements of planning a wedding. With these tips the process is clearly outlined and will make the journey down the isle that much more enjoyable.

Renting Event Space

When you rent event space, be sure to take the time to explore all of your options. Selecting an event venue is one of the most important parts of planning an event. The venue itself has the ability to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your guest for a long time and if this is the case, so will your event.

Renting Event Space

For those of you looking to rent event space in Miami, be sure to check out Soho Studios in the Wynwood District. Soho Studios is a 65,000 square foot event space that can be used for both small and large scale events.

Here are a few other types of event space:

Banquet Halls

Banquet Halls have always been popular. These venues are just about great for hosting all forms of corporate as well as personal events. They also give you the liberty to exercise your own ideas when it comes to decoration and planning. Another benefit of renting event space from banquet halls is that they can be much affordable than the customary hotels and clubs to sport any event.

Resorts and Hotels

Miami is an international hot spot for hotels and there could be no better place for renting event space than a fabulous hotel or resort. Hotels and resorts places are turnkey solutions for anyone planning an event. For example if you choose a hotel or a resort for your event then you need not to worry about making a separate arrangement for catering. They are one and for all a hassle free and comprehensive solution to all your event planning.


Another type of event space you should consider is a restaurant. Most restaurants have good array of options varying from simple to extravagant event arrangements. One of the nice things about renting event space from a restaurant is that you need not to worry about anything other than having to arrange for the right menu order on the list and you can leave many of the event details in their hands.

Country Clubs

The best option so far that not only awards you with ample privacy, also includes many of the elements of hotels and resorts blended into one fine renting event space. The best part about these clubs is that they are available throughout the year. Though most of them can only be availed by members, this shouldn't be much of a problem if you have the right contacts.

Event planning requires good solid research. Renting event space is less difficult if you know exactly what type of event space is available and in your budget.

Event Decor and Burningman

Planning an event requires skill, detailed preparation, and execution of many elements that must dance in harmony as one. It is your job as an event planner to set the stage for this dance, and no matter what the theme, selecting the proper decor will set the tone, the ambiance and the overall vibe of the event. Whether it is a corporate event or week long music festival, when your audience walks into the event they should be instantly be transported into the soul of the experience, without having to ask any questions.

Event Decor

In most situations, there are two main aspects of an event an event that you want to base your decoration ideas on.

1. Event Type

2. Event Theme

A great example of an event that has a type and theme is Burningman. Burningman is an arts and music festival that takes place in the Black Rock desert in Nevada each year and is considered by many to be the biggest party of the year, with numbers that reached 68,000 in 2013.  At the end of the week long festival an effigy of a man in burned – hence the name Burningman.

Each year Burningman selects a theme for the event  and much of the event décor is based around this. For example at  Burningman 2013 the theme was Cargo Cult. According to Wikipedia, the definition of Cargo Cult is (in the Melanesian Islands) a system of belief based around the expected arrival of ancestral spirits in ships bringing cargoes of food and other goods. The man is a typical focal point for the event décor at Burningman and this particular theme inspired event planners to build a man that stood proudly on top of a flyer saucer, an epic salute to the event theme of Cargo Cult.

In addition to the event décor of the man, Burningman also incorporated the theme into the event landscape by using street names for specific areas such as Interstellar, Airstrip and Extraterrestrial.  This is great example of making sure that you take a close look at every element of the event to see where you can incorporate event decor.

Event decor can create an unforgettable experience that will keep your guests talking about your event for years to come. Whether your event type is a music and arts festival like Burningman, or a fund raising gala in honor of breast cancer, creating event décor around an event theme is the perfect formula for event planning success. In order to achieve a long lasting effect to event attendees, make sure that you had that wow factor. Pay full attention to detail and get creative in the smallest of things. See what you can do to transform the event venue into something spectacular.

Event Planning Tips

Event planning involves the overall meticulous planning of an event. Whether you are planning for corporate events, music festivals, a wedding or a launch party, you will need to take care of a lot of details. Event planning involves logistics and personnel management. An event planner will need to delegate most of the duties and restrict himself to the role of overall overseer. An event planner takes a bird’s view of all the inter-related activities that make an event successful. Event planning involves taking care of the following details.

Event Planning

Each year event planners around the globe gear up for one the world’s largest art shows, Art Basel Miami Beach, making it one of the busiest times of the year for event planning in Miami.


Before even starting to plan an event, you need to know what amount of money you have to produce the event. A budget will inform all the other things such as the venue, catering, sound and lighting and other elements of the event. A strict adherence to the proposed budget is the role of the event planner. Event planning is a capital and labor extensive affair, but with a good manager at the helm, the event will go on without a lot of hiccups.

Event Venue

Another important aspect of event planning is venue selection. An event venue should be selected by considering factors such as nature of the event, the budget allocated and the number of people invited and expected as well as the venue location. You cannot host a sporting competition in a hotel, unless the sporting event is supposed to be done indoors. Similarly, a political rally is best hosted in a stadium due to the large number of people expected to attend.


Event planning may involve logistics such as security and healthcare which are primarily provided by the government. Permits such as liquor licenses, insurance and gathering permit must be obtained before the commencement of the event. This duty should be assigned to one of the members of the event planning committee.

Event Theme

Why is the event being held? What are the discussions to be done? Any event planning committee should have a theme for the event. Themes like ‘A Future Free of HIV Aids’ can resonate well with the guests of a health convention than a situation that assumes that the guests know why they are attending. The event planners should always come up with a catchy theme, which will stay with those that attend the event years after the event has ended. Make the event memorable.

Event Logistics

In any event planning committee, there should be a logistics sub-committee. This sub-committees deal with issues such as transport, security, medical care, catering and hospitality, venue cleaning, public address system and many more. Without a good logistics committee, the event is most likely to be disorganized. You never want a disorganized event especially where there are large crowds. Remember, the buck stops with the event planning manager.

Sound for all types of events

When putting together audio for your event it is important to consider what sort of experience you will be putting in front of your audience. Event production is a craft that requires fine skill matched with detailed information given ahead of time to achieve to best results. A sound engineer can work magic when backed into a corner but like any other trade, the more prepared they are going in then the better the results will be coming out the other side. If possible, try to give them a Technical Writer with your sound requirements well ahead of your event.

Selecting the correct type of sound system for a live show, electronic act or keynote speaker is vital to good production. Selecting a sound engineer with the right equipment is crucial. Utilize the sound system that is supposed to be used with your particular type of event. For example, choosing the PA for a keynote presenter at a convention will be different than the PA you would need for a performance based act, such as a live band or DJ.

It is important to match your audio needs for all events including functions such as trade shows and conferences.  Although many party venues in Miami come with in-house sound production, not all of the venues in Miami will. In this case you will need to hire a mobile sound production companies. Most sound production companies are equipped to handle everything from live music, DJ’s, corporate events and various other types of events.

Your guests and attendees should be talking about the night for a long time to come, this means that the event production has to be flawless. Hire a professional sound engineer for your event that understands everything from your equipment needs to the acoustics of the venue.

A professional audio experience will have the audience focusing on the event. A negative one will have them talking about the poor production value at your event. Make sure the hype is positive! It can make all the difference to your sonic landscape.

How to plan a fund raising event

If you are planning a charity event, there are some overlooked and underused ways to make money for your non-profit. At Soho Studios, we are proud to host many such premier fund raising events in Miami and offer these event planning suggestions.

Sell Sponsorships.

Different level of sponsorships can mean differing levels of visibility for your sponsors. Event signage, website and Facebook visibility, program ads, and even table tent visibility are event production assets that you have that you can offer sponsors. Get creative.

VIP Experiences.

Larger donors will be willing to pay extra to attend your event if you can provide an experience not available to regular ticket holders. VIP experiences may include valet parking, better seating, opportunities for meet and greets, upgraded food and beverage options and perhaps an exclusive post event party.

Market Guest Gift Bags.

Who doesn't love a little swag? Talk to businesses who want the visibility and association that your event can provide and offer to give attendees coupons or samples of their products for a donation. Your guests get gifts, and you make some extra money for your charity. You also involve more organizations with your event.

Our experienced team at Soho Studios can not only help you stage an event that will be well remembered, we are equipped to assist you with a variety of ideas to help create financially successful non-profit events.

Soho Studios can help you with world class events for a variety of reasons including trade shows, concerts, photo video shoots, and non-profit fund-raising events. We have worked with Puma, Ford Motor, Evian, Absolut, Telemundo and many other significant companies who have placed their trust in our team of professionals. Located in the Wynwood District in Miami Florida, we are in the midst of Miami's exciting art and entertainment area including Art Basel Wynwood. For your next event, remember the value your venue adds to make it a success. Make an impression that will last. If you are looking for event space Miami is gaining fame for, contact us at Soho Studios.

Choosing the right day for your event

One of the most difficult aspects of event planning is finding the day that works for everyone. As the event planner, you must coordinate the schedules of multiple people, including speakers, entertainment and caterers, with the available dates of your preferred venue.

Event planning in big cities like Miami can be especially difficult. Event space Miami and party venues in Miami are often booked up months in advance so you will need to reserve your dates as soon as possible. However, you should never pick a date in haste. It is important to do your due diligence to make sure that there aren't other events in the area that could conflict with yours. For example, having your event in the same time frame and in the same area as a marathon or a parade could mean that your guests will have to navigate through blocked-off roads and nightmare traffic to reach your event. So take the time to research what other events might be planned for your local area.

Also, check to see if any competitors or businesses that are in a similar industry are putting on events on the same day or weekend as yours. Two similar events planned for the same time frame could be a financial disaster for everyone involved, especially if you are trying to divvy up the same small pool of likely participants.

Successful event planning often means thinking outside of the box. What if, for instance, you have everyone on board for a certain date, but all the typical party venues in Miami, such as the convention center or hotel conference rooms, are booked up. Don't change the date. Instead, search out interesting venues such as Soho Studios, which is a huge, 70,000-square-foot structure with avant garde industrial detailing that is located in Miami's Wynwood Art District. Not only will you be able to have your event on your desired date, having it in a non-conventional venue will give it a more interesting feel and look.

Date selection is one of the most important duties of an event planner. Choosing the right one can mean a successful event with high attendance, while selecting the wrong one could have disastrous consequences.