Event Planning Tips

Event planning involves the overall meticulous planning of an event. Whether you are planning for corporate events, music festivals, a wedding or a launch party, you will need to take care of a lot of details. Event planning involves logistics and personnel management. An event planner will need to delegate most of the duties and restrict himself to the role of overall overseer. An event planner takes a bird’s view of all the inter-related activities that make an event successful. Event planning involves taking care of the following details.

Event Planning

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Before even starting to plan an event, you need to know what amount of money you have to produce the event. A budget will inform all the other things such as the venue, catering, sound and lighting and other elements of the event. A strict adherence to the proposed budget is the role of the event planner. Event planning is a capital and labor extensive affair, but with a good manager at the helm, the event will go on without a lot of hiccups.

Event Venue

Another important aspect of event planning is venue selection. An event venue should be selected by considering factors such as nature of the event, the budget allocated and the number of people invited and expected as well as the venue location. You cannot host a sporting competition in a hotel, unless the sporting event is supposed to be done indoors. Similarly, a political rally is best hosted in a stadium due to the large number of people expected to attend.


Event planning may involve logistics such as security and healthcare which are primarily provided by the government. Permits such as liquor licenses, insurance and gathering permit must be obtained before the commencement of the event. This duty should be assigned to one of the members of the event planning committee.

Event Theme

Why is the event being held? What are the discussions to be done? Any event planning committee should have a theme for the event. Themes like ‘A Future Free of HIV Aids’ can resonate well with the guests of a health convention than a situation that assumes that the guests know why they are attending. The event planners should always come up with a catchy theme, which will stay with those that attend the event years after the event has ended. Make the event memorable.

Event Logistics

In any event planning committee, there should be a logistics sub-committee. This sub-committees deal with issues such as transport, security, medical care, catering and hospitality, venue cleaning, public address system and many more. Without a good logistics committee, the event is most likely to be disorganized. You never want a disorganized event especially where there are large crowds. Remember, the buck stops with the event planning manager.