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Security for Events

When it comes to planning an event, the safety of your guests is an important factor to take into consideration. Whether you are planning a large scale convention, a product launch for a few select executives, or a weekend music festival it is essential that you event is secure and free from harm.

Security for Events

While preparing for Ultra Music Festival, a  large LED screen fell and injured two event production riggers. Security for the events called 911 and Fire Rescue Workers were called onto the scene.

You should source your security from a professional security company in order to produce a peaceful event. The essence of security for events is crowd control, making sure that everyone stays in their respective areas, and being hyper aware of anything could potentially get out of control. Hire reputable event security services that have experience with your particular type of event.

Although it is not always necessary, you can hire off-duty police officers for event security. Whomever you decide to hire make sure to have detailed information with all of the specifics of your event. Let them know of the date and time of event, the numbers of expected attendees, and all other important information that is vital for security to know. Things like the event date, the event venue, the type of event, are all essential for event security to determine total amount of security for events that you will need.

It is important to allocate funds in your budget for event security. Professional security for events is usually not free and most security companies will require a deposit. Be sure to research the security company that you are hiring for your event, so you know the security agency that you are dealing with. Make sure that they are reputable and in many cases bonded.

Plan the time to look for a security for events well in advance. Research online and request referrals from others that have experience in event production. Make sure that you investigate event security companies and their history of successful events. Professional event planners know that hiring the right security for events is essential to an event's success. The above tips should help you to make sure that your next event is secure. Once you have hired the security for your event you can relax knowing that you and your guests will be safe.

What are some of the best event promotion techniques?

Event promotion is one of the elements that can make any business’s marketing strategies a huge success. This is so much so that, if one doesn't plan out the whole campaign it can become very difficult to collect benefits from organizing the whole event. With online marketing gone to a whole new level, social media has become the center of the world. Hence, using this tool one can make any corporate happening a huge success on its own.

Ultra Music Festival promotes the event via social media and email blasts with announcements about the line-up and ticketing tiers. This keeps the audience engaged throughout the year and draws them to their website to explore content surrounding  the music festival.

Event Promotion

With the online world now being the center stage for all marketing tactics, it should be known that the customary methods of marketing have not gone obsolete. The traditional marketing tools are in fact still intact and it is the combination of offline and online methods that is now making event promotion a huge success in the current times.

With the online world now being the center stage for all marketing tactics, it should be known that the customary methods of marketing have not gone obsolete. The traditional marketing tools are in fact still intact and it is the combination of offline and online methods that is now making event promotion a huge success in the current times.

So, what exactly are the popular marketing trends that companies are now adopting to make their events a fruitful?

Organizations are making investment in out of the way methods. Currently, the efforts are all geared towards assuring that the time and money that goes in investments are able to give a turnover in the optimum ways. Therefore it means that the target is now more towards quality and not quantity. This should be the basis of your judgement when you are sending invites for any event promotion.

People who are attending your event need some practical and real information to believe. All the experiential details should be managed. This means that once again you should deliver quality and substance and not the revenue collected from a couple of days. Therefore, go for involving and engaging displays and sessions should exhibit communication and of course, valuable discourse in your event promotion.

At present, the exhibition of audio and visual content has become the norm. This on the other hand doesn't mean that you go for glamour. The idea here is to be dynamic with hints of sophistication for you definitely don’t need to make your event promotion a mainstream occurrence. So, engage your audience in live session so that your attendees are not left out of the event. After all it is your attendees that make or break any event.

Dynamic branding is without any doubt the new trend these days. This should be kept in mind that branding is the key element in making any event promotion a huge success. Thus, the message that you choose is of integral importance and should nail the whole crux of your brand. In the event itself the message should be concise, comprehensive and of course influential on the target audience.

On the last note, there is no single recipe that automatically makes event promotion a success, as there are many ways to turn any particular strategy by customizing it according to your brand and message. You should always consider a number of options at first, select the best out of each and find the one that works best for you.

Live web streaming for marketing

Broadcasting your event live on the internet is a great way to engage your audience. Some of the biggest music festivals in the world incorporate live event streaming to enhance user experience for their fans. To make your event stand out amongst all the others being held at the venues in Miami, incorporate these mechanisms and reap the benefits. Everyone loves a good show, even if they can’t make it there in person.

If you intend to put on a music festival streaming your event live is an excellent addition to your event production. Live event streaming has been a successful marketing tool for some of the most well known music festivals around the world such as Coachella, Bonnaroo and Miami music festival giant - UMF or Ultra Music Festival.

Most music festivals offer live event streaming for free to their audience; however there will be some costs to you the concert promoter provide the stream. There are a number of ways your ticket sales can aid in generating revenue. Make your ticket sales flexible by generating a number of different options for people to select from when purchasing tickets. You can offer different VIP packages with a special seating area, an opportunity to meet some of the artists, or a “speed pass” to long concession lines.

As a concert promoter your primary goal is to engage as large of an audience as possible. Some people may not be able to take off from work or have other obligations that prevent them from attending your music festival in person. Live event streaming is the next best thing to being there and thanks to event streaming options no one has to be excluded.

Live music venue in Miami

There are plenty of live music venues in Miami but not all of them can offer the excellent setting and service that Soho Studios is known for around the Miami-Dade region. We love putting on music festivals in Miami and have the best resources to meet your needs. Read on to find out more about why your concert will be considered epic if you decide to put on your show at Soho Studios.

There are many factors to consider when selecting an event space in Miami, once you decide on a lineup you should start thinking about what numbers you need to achieve to be successful and selecting a venue that can support your vision. There are plenty of Miami venues out there but it is about putting on the best presentation possible and we can assist the process. Reputation and buzz are clutch components for packing the house.

There are a many different choices of party venues in Miami. The choice you make reflects upon your efforts and the outward style that people interpret about your company or performers. Do not get stuck inside a low quality venue that scares away the fans. Bands and performing artists like playing to big crowds. Those people want a safe venue with great sound. Plus, if you can offer something unique about the event then that date can become a truly memorable experience for all the attendees. Make sure your promotions stick out in their mind and memory by getting your show into the best venue possible.

Thanks for reading, we hope this has helped to inform you about our event space and helps to clarify your choice. Contact us regarding the specifics of your live show and we can help you cover all the bases in terms of the venue from our angle. We will help you to produce some awesome shows that will keep your crowd talking and excited for the next event!

How to put on a music festival

Early bird and advanced tickets for Ultra Music Festival in Miami sold out in minutes. That’s pretty remarkable, considering the event is 10 months away. Advanced ticket sales have already ended for Coachella in California, even though the show isn’t until April of 2014. In Tennessee, The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival draws hundreds of thousands to a 700 acre farm in the middle of, well…Tennessee.

How do these festivals do it?

The first ingredient is time. Building a successful event is like building a successful business. Be prepared for the long haul. Your first year event might not be a good as your 3rd year event. But if you build it properly, they will come.

The venue and atmosphere is critical. Where the event is held and how the event is perceived will add to your success. Bonnaroo uses their remote location as an asset, a venue that leaves your troubles behind. Miami music festivals like Ultra Music Festival, held during the same week as Winter Music Conference, tend to take advantage of the city’s vibe. It helps that there are such eclectic venues in Miami.

Many music festivals in Florida and elsewhere will have a charitable tie-in. Among the many charities that Coachella supports is The Painted Turtle, a camp for children with serious medical conditions. Offering support to charitable organizations allows for some additional exposure and potential access to a group of event volunteers.

Successful music festivals offer a variety of fan experiences from general admission to VIP upgrades and artist meet-and-greets. They also start selling their tickets close to a year in advance, and limit the amount of tickets each individual can purchase. This creates a year-round buzz about the event. People plan their year around some of these festivals.

Having a strong artist line-up with loyal fan bases is also important. Many festivals load their line-ups with up-and-coming artists that are rapidly gaining fans. They bring this momentum to these festivals.

If you are considering event space in Miami, Soho Studios is a 65,000 square foot, multi-purpose venue. It is located in the Wynwood District, home of Art Basel Wynwood. From music events to fashion shows, Soho Studios is Miami premier facility. See why worldwide brands like Ford Motor, Evian, Absolut, Puma and more have trusted Soho Studios with their name. We invite you to talk with our team and let's explore the possibilities.

Would you buy concert tickets from Facebook?

For years concert promoters have recognized that concert tickets are best sold by word of mouth. With the Facebook Buy Ticket button, word of mouth ticket sales have taken a big stride with social media.

Facebook’s Buy Ticket button allows music lovers to buy concert tickets right from their Facebook page. The online ticket sales app will post the purchase to the user’s news feeds, and allow them to invite others to the show. The app promises to spread the word of tickets sales online more quickly through the social media giant.

Not only is the app expected to help promote and sell concert tickets, but it also is tied in with Spotify. This relationship tracks the type of music the Facebook user is interested in and can make them aware when artists they listen to will be performing in their area. This particular application also ties in the "likes" of a Facebook user, making it a powerful marketing tool especially when used for lesser known artists who do not get mainstream press.

At Soho Studios, we are the premier concert and event space Miami has available. While there are lots of party venues Miami offers, our facility has a staff experienced in setting up every type of concert, from intimate acoustical performances to arena style shows. Our 65,000 square foot, versatile facility located in Miami’s trendy Wynwood District, has been host to shows like Art Basel Wynwood. Soho Studios is even used as a photography studio Miami photographers have come to rely on for our creative use of space. Our list of worldwide customers includes Ford Motor, Absolut, Telemundo, Evian and Puma.

If you are considering staging or promoting a concert in South Florida and selling tickets online, consider employing use of the Facebook Buy Ticket button, and consider working with us at Soho Studios. From planning through promotion through post-concert wrap-up, we will be there to help make all your events in Miami a success.

Sound for all types of events

When putting together audio for your event it is important to consider what sort of experience you will be putting in front of your audience. Event production is a craft that requires fine skill matched with detailed information given ahead of time to achieve to best results. A sound engineer can work magic when backed into a corner but like any other trade, the more prepared they are going in then the better the results will be coming out the other side. If possible, try to give them a Technical Writer with your sound requirements well ahead of your event.

Selecting the correct type of sound system for a live show, electronic act or keynote speaker is vital to good production. Selecting a sound engineer with the right equipment is crucial. Utilize the sound system that is supposed to be used with your particular type of event. For example, choosing the PA for a keynote presenter at a convention will be different than the PA you would need for a performance based act, such as a live band or DJ.

It is important to match your audio needs for all events including functions such as trade shows and conferences.  Although many party venues in Miami come with in-house sound production, not all of the venues in Miami will. In this case you will need to hire a mobile sound production companies. Most sound production companies are equipped to handle everything from live music, DJ’s, corporate events and various other types of events.

Your guests and attendees should be talking about the night for a long time to come, this means that the event production has to be flawless. Hire a professional sound engineer for your event that understands everything from your equipment needs to the acoustics of the venue.

A professional audio experience will have the audience focusing on the event. A negative one will have them talking about the poor production value at your event. Make sure the hype is positive! It can make all the difference to your sonic landscape.

Life and Death WMC Event in Miami

WMC event in Miami  

On Friday March 22nd, Life and Death will be transporting their crew alongside a curated list of impressive guest artists to create their own take on the classic Miami showcase. Alongside partners PL0T & The Electric Pickle, the Life and Death crew will be once again bringing the heat to Miami as they transform a beautiful all new space (The Electric Pickle Pop-Up Factory) to the same high standards that they have been holding themselves to since their very auspicious beginnings.

With both outdoor and indoor areas accompanied by a custom light and sound setup and some premier live performances alongside some of the best DJs currently traversing the musical edge of the underground, this event will surely be one not to be missed. Expect once again an emotional journey that will deliver the goods and more, as well as a few special surprises along the way.

Last year's showcase (as well as the more recent Art Basel showcase) were just the beginning, come join in as Life and Death once again raises the bar. Together, let's have an adventure…

To buy tickets click here

Featured Artisits are;

Tale of Us WMC EXCLUSIVE EXTENDED 3 HR SET Clockwork No Regular Play Thugfucker Dj Tennis Mano Le Tough Midland Miami Debut !!! The/Das EXCLUSIVE Miami / USA Debut !!! Job Jobse EXCLUSIVE Miami / USA Debut Alejandro Sab

WMC event at Soho Studios






Ultra Music Festival Miami

If you love house music, dub step or the DJs that accompany the genre of electronic music, Miami has you covered! This March plan to attend one of the world's most anticipated outdoor electronic music festivals - Ultra Music Festival. Ultra Music Festival coincides with the world famous EDM trade show Winter Music Conference, which brings with it 100's of EDM events and parties. Join hundreds of thousands of music lovers for this world renowned, beat bouncing extravaganza.

About Ultra

Ultra Music Festival is a music mecca and worldwide electronic music event. Sao Paulo, Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Seoul, Split and Hvar are all hosts for Ultra in Miami. For 2013, the concert series is in its 15thyear. Party goers and music lovers who plan to attend Ultra in Miami are fully prepared for an event of a lifetime. Don't be a loser who forgets to order your tickets to this show or you can kiss this Miami music festival goodbye, as tickets for the shows will sell out before both of the concert dates.

Miami’s Winter is Hot

All of the DJs and electronic music producers on the lineup are set to add to the excitement of this electronic music free for all where things are bound to get wet and wild at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami this March. Miami’s event season is always hot and includes internationally sought out events such as Winter Music Conference, Art Basel Wynwood, Miami Fashion Week, and The Miami International Film Festival. Be sure to check out the hot party venues Miami has to offer, and capture the memories at a photography studio Miami style.

The Ultra Lineup 2013

Check out all of the best players in the electronic music biz who will be at this event space Miami including:

• Avicii

• Afrojack

• Tiesto

• David Guetta

• Deadmau5

• Bassnectar

• Knife Party

• Snoop Dogg

• Dillon Francis

• 12th Planet

• Armin Van Buuren

Not at all an extensive list, which includes dozen after dozen of DJs and electronic music producers from San Francisco to Sweden, Ultra is a highly anticipated event in the realm of electronic music.

Swedish House Mafia Say Goodbye

Make sure not to miss one of the greatest dance music ensembles of all time - Swedish House Mafia. Consisting of Swedish DJs and producers Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, Swedish House Mafia has announced that their current tour will be their last. Check out the SHM's smashing last performances on both nights of Ultra Music Festival. Meanwhile, ASOT 600 and Carl Cox and Friends are rising from the ashes to bring back the beats at this year's music Ultra Music Festival.


Swedish House Mafia - Absolut Greyhound

The Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival are in full effect in Miami. Soho Studios was host to one of the hottest parties last night. Absolut Greyhound and Swedish House Mafia transformed The Armory into one of the most epic party scenes to take place in Miami. Swedish House Mafia, electronic DJ group, was a surprise performance for Absolut's introduction of their new Grapefruit Vodka - Absolut Greyhound.

Visit all the amazing photos on our Facebook page here - Swedish House Mafia in Miami

Make sure not miss tonight's event featuring Swedish House Mafia Masquerade Motel @ Grand Central Park

Here's the promo video featured on Youtube of Swedish House Mafia and Absolut Greyhound. It doesn't get much better than this clip....

In case you missed the event, here's a quick clip of the party going off in Soho.