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What are some of the best event promotion techniques?

Event promotion is one of the elements that can make any business’s marketing strategies a huge success. This is so much so that, if one doesn't plan out the whole campaign it can become very difficult to collect benefits from organizing the whole event. With online marketing gone to a whole new level, social media has become the center of the world. Hence, using this tool one can make any corporate happening a huge success on its own.

Ultra Music Festival promotes the event via social media and email blasts with announcements about the line-up and ticketing tiers. This keeps the audience engaged throughout the year and draws them to their website to explore content surrounding  the music festival.

Event Promotion

With the online world now being the center stage for all marketing tactics, it should be known that the customary methods of marketing have not gone obsolete. The traditional marketing tools are in fact still intact and it is the combination of offline and online methods that is now making event promotion a huge success in the current times.

With the online world now being the center stage for all marketing tactics, it should be known that the customary methods of marketing have not gone obsolete. The traditional marketing tools are in fact still intact and it is the combination of offline and online methods that is now making event promotion a huge success in the current times.

So, what exactly are the popular marketing trends that companies are now adopting to make their events a fruitful?

Organizations are making investment in out of the way methods. Currently, the efforts are all geared towards assuring that the time and money that goes in investments are able to give a turnover in the optimum ways. Therefore it means that the target is now more towards quality and not quantity. This should be the basis of your judgement when you are sending invites for any event promotion.

People who are attending your event need some practical and real information to believe. All the experiential details should be managed. This means that once again you should deliver quality and substance and not the revenue collected from a couple of days. Therefore, go for involving and engaging displays and sessions should exhibit communication and of course, valuable discourse in your event promotion.

At present, the exhibition of audio and visual content has become the norm. This on the other hand doesn't mean that you go for glamour. The idea here is to be dynamic with hints of sophistication for you definitely don’t need to make your event promotion a mainstream occurrence. So, engage your audience in live session so that your attendees are not left out of the event. After all it is your attendees that make or break any event.

Dynamic branding is without any doubt the new trend these days. This should be kept in mind that branding is the key element in making any event promotion a huge success. Thus, the message that you choose is of integral importance and should nail the whole crux of your brand. In the event itself the message should be concise, comprehensive and of course influential on the target audience.

On the last note, there is no single recipe that automatically makes event promotion a success, as there are many ways to turn any particular strategy by customizing it according to your brand and message. You should always consider a number of options at first, select the best out of each and find the one that works best for you.

What is Brand Marketing?

You can find brand marketing among all successful business plans out there and what is brand marketing is a significant question. Brand Marketing requires lot of detail and in depth knowledge of the essence of a particular brand to work. The goal of this type of marketing is that your brand should be recognized and well known by people whenever and wherever they see it.

This commercial for Apple Computers that aired during the 1984 Super Bowl was the beginning a marketing strategy that took the brand to the level that it is today.

Brand Marketing Examples


What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is the process of creating brand awareness. It is a procedure that takes some time to execute and to ensure that your brand is in the minds of the consumer the way it is intended. Most successful companies have a history of a lot of time and effort put out in their brand marketing campaigns.

To answer what is brand marketing, there are generally two types:

Personal Branding

In this form of brand marketing the company makes an individual (could be the owner) associated with a feeling or as an authority in a specific industry. In most cases personal branding is used more for film stars or other entertainment individuals. Madonna is great example of an individual who is now their own personal brand.

Company Branding

Here is where the company is associated with a feeling or as an authority in a specific industry. Apple is an example that comes to mind when thinking of a company with an effective brand marketing strategy.

There are many ways to market your brand, and advertising can be everything from strategic product placement in a TV show, to a brand sponsored event. Now the question of what types of brand marketing campaigns will work best for your brand depends on you or your company’s objective. For example, if your brand is energy drink it would be a good idea would be to sponsor some kind of extreme sporting event, such as the XGames.

Brand marketing has become an integral part of all businesses because consumers, in general, have become very brand conscious. People usually tend to avoid brands that are unfamiliar. Many consumers are willing to purchase and expensive brand over an unknown brand. When finding the perfect formula for what is brand marketing, it is wise to explore many options before putting together the strategy that will work best for you.

Experiential Marketing-What is the Complete Picture?

For any business owner and a marketer there are many forms of marketing to choose from. Among this league lays experiential marketing that strays out from the customary form of marketing. This is because it promotes and endorses a two way communication process by physical means with the brand itself. This basic difference can be a major one especially in terms of establishing campaign where the involvement with a consumer is on a more personal level.

Experiential Marketing in Action –

To promote the new Lexus IS Hybrid the luxury car manufacturer created a campaign called “Trace Your Road” which features a real life video game where 10 lucky Facebook fans got ride in the jump seat with Formula 1 race car driver, Jarno Trulli. Each rider was given an iPad in which they had to draw/follow the racecourse so the iPad would project the racetrack on the floor.

Watch Video Here - Trace Your Road

The incentive that experiential marketing gives to businesses is that it is able to build a more subjective and interactive relationship with brand. This all then further leads to enhanced turnover even when the investment had been a small one.

What this form of marketing offers to agencies is something that is completely different from the ordinary forms of advertising agencies. All the traditional forms of campaign strategies, for instance, the television ad campaigns have been losing their efficacy for there is whole pool of products that are being attended to. The consumer side is continuously being thrown over in this mess who often fail to make the right choice. With experiential marketing the good thing is that it attracts the potential consumer to connect without having to invest or engage with the brand.

So how exactly are businesses benefiting from this marketing strategy?

- Able to create awareness about products and brands

- Building consumer relationships and sustaining loyalties

- Able to form optimistic feedback that spreads through word of mouth

- Creating brand publicity amongst the right target audience

- Eliminating all adverse PR through optimistic support

On the other side, experiential marketing has its own set of limitations. For instance, it is not very often used for large scale campaigning. There are budgetary constraints whereas all international campaigns are very rarely catered. This is because a good majority of large scale campaigns are normally a combination of the customary marketing techniques in order to gain as much as it could with the help of experiential technique.

Events for marketing campaign are a success in places where there are usually a good number of people located or happen to pass by every day. Therefore, to guarantee the success of an ad campaign the precise location is of utmost significance. In addition to this, it is vital to ensure that the staffs are well equipped, friendly and professional in their means.

Times have certainly changed for today the consumers want to be part of the marketing strategy of any company. This means that gone are the days when a single message from a television screen could do the job to hold the interest of a consumer. Going with experiential marketing means this form of marketing can actually come down to the needs and expectation of the customers.

On the last note, an effective experiential strategy would not only come up with operative and practical ideas but should also be able to manage that campaign to the last bit to achieve the aims. All this should need to be managed within the restraints of the budget as well.

The British Airways Brand Experience

Experiential marketing is marketing that allows potential customers to interact with a product that ultimately produces bonding, positive emotions. It is a way in which organizations can better “hard-wire” those positive feelings about their products or services into consumer’s senses.

Experiential marketing is becoming a larger part of meetings, shows, conventions, and in places where large groups of people gather. One recent example is that of British Airways. The airline set up a sizable display at Victoria Station in the U.K., with large letters across the top that read ”Win a Pair of British Airways Flights Every 15 Minutes”. Underneath were several video screens that allowed those walking the concourse to play a flight simulator game to win the tickets. Not only could they have a bit of fun, but high scores and photos of the successful players were posted throughout the terminal.

Check out the YouTube video on the attention getting campaign.

If you are planning a meeting or other event you should consider the power of implementing some form of experiential marketing. For those seeking event space Miami has to offer, we invite you to consider Soho Studios. Located in the Wynwood District, Soho is the perfect location during Miami’s event season. For experiential marketers, Soho Studios is the perfect partner. We have over 65,000 square feet of versatile space that has been used by major companies such as Puma, Absolut, Ford, Evian and others for a variety of purposes.

For those searching for venues in Miami, you need look no further than Soho Studios. Our experienced and creative staff has a wide network of vendors who can help facilitate virtually any function from filming a television commercial to staging a fashion show. We are one of the best part venues Miami has to offer, and we are a part of the fabulous, upscale Art Basel Wynwood-Miami Beach. When considering experiential marketing or any events in Florida, contact us at Soho Studios.

Film Studio in Miami for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality may sound like something out of a movie or psychedelic drug experience. However, in reality, it's a type of experiential marketing that takes a viewer's imagination and brings out the possibilities of "what if" in a factual, realistic way, it becomes believable.

The beauty of augmented reality marketing is that it partially involves the truth. So the consumer already wants to believe part of it or accepts part of the presentation as the truth. The most common version takes a real photograph or video and adds an element of made-up material to it. Sometimes, in crude versions, the addition is fairly obvious, almost comical. However, in professional versions, the augmented reality factor is so realistic; it's almost believable as the real thing.

This new type of marketing, augmented reality, takes advantage of digital tools, video, and the most modern computers to bring imagination to life. And Soho Studios is the service to work with to make it happen. Among the various venues in Miami, Soho provides the best facilities in which to work with when planning an event incorporating advanced marketing tools.

With 65,000 square feet of space Soho Studios clearly stands among one of the bigger party venues Miami and event space Miami locations. Further, its multiple spaces allow the location to work as much as a film studio as a convention center. So a client can create some of the biggest augmented reality marketing programs or commercials in the venue, and then it can be switched out quickly to photograph and art display event or a fashion show event. This is no shortage of possibilities that can occur working with Soho Studios for film, photography, celebrations, meetings, design and fabrication and more. The only limitations for customers are the physical walls of the facility and their imaginations.

Commercial Photography in Miami

Miami, Florida has become a Mecca for photographers and agencies looking for just the right backdrops for their work. It offers the intensity of a diverse metropolitan area, yet is just minutes away from sand, palm trees, and crystal clear blue waters. Miami photo shoot locations offer photographers in Miami the ability to create using everything from multi-million dollar mansions to the faces of hard working street vendors.

More and more commercial photographers are discovering Soho Studios as one of the best Miami venues for professional film and photography. Soho Studios offer over 65,000 square feet of versatile space. It is large enough to shoot a fleet of cars, yet it can be intimate enough for a lingerie campaign.

Located in Miami’s trendy Wynwood District, Soho Studios provides the exclusivity and privacy needed for photo and video sessions involving even the biggest names in the entertainment business. In circumstances where confidentiality, security, and privacy are critical, the team at Soho Studios can deliver.

If you are considering a commercial photography location, need space with the capability to provide remarkably diverse backdrops, or are even producing a music video, consider Miami, Florida and Soho Studios. We are South Florida’s premier photography studio, music venue, and convention space facility. We offer event space Miami and South Florida utilizes for a variety of projects, meetings, and shows. We have been transformed into party venues Miami is building its reputation on. Our world-class clientele includes names like Absolut, Puma, Ford Motor, Evian and American Apparel and many more.

Have an idea or concept? Contact the team at Soho Studios. Our network of South Florida vendors and suppliers can help you facilitate getting your commercial photography project done at the highest of levels. Our experienced staff can offer you the assistance to deliver your project to the most uncompromising of standards. There are photography studios in Miami…and then there is Soho Studios. Versatility, experience, and responsiveness. For commercial photography in Miami, choose Soho Studios.

Star Trek into Darkness Trailer

Star Trek has come along way since JJ Abrams took over the franchise. This new Star Trek into Darkness movie also come with new movie marketing tactics. Star Trek into Darkness comes out nationwide on Friday 17,2013 - however publicity and marketing for this event feels like its from the future. Hollywood studios are trying to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of movie marketing. For example in this upcoming movie, Star Trek into Darkness has had its own mobile app for the last 6 months. This may not be the first movie to have its own mobile app but its the first movie to advertise its mobile app and made a big push during the Superbowl, including the itunes url into the marketing material.

The most clever part of this movie marketing is making effective use of the character Spock or Spocks that appeared in the fist Star Trek directed by JJ Abrams. In this advert, Audi conceptualizes the old and new Spock as the same person in the present time. Where the new and younger spock is ready to meet the older Spock for a game of golf. The only problem? the car the older Spock uses is a Mercedes and turns up late to meet his younger self. The clever part of this advert is making out to the viewer that only grandpas drive Mercedes while the younger generation drive Audis. To tease both Spocks at the end, a different golfer drives up in an Audi thats built with self-driving technology. Watch the Audi advert and Star Trek into Darkness trailer below

When looking to market an event or choose the right direction for a commercial you can learn a lot from Audi's co branding capabilities. The skill is taking a plot from a movie and using it to leverage an idea for another product. At Soho Studios in Miami we have the perfect space to film all types of movie trailers, commercials and film.

How to shoot a music video

In a world where content is king, video is king of content. Even pod casts are frequently shot on video because people want to see their entertainment. A music video puts you on display. It immediately creates a soapbox to spread your message from that people will flock to and share. Videos go viral. They reach eyes and ears that you'd never reach on your own.

It used to be that MTV was the only place to get seen, and that meant the backing of a major label, critical buzz and a whole lot of luck. With the rise of the internet, YouTube, Vimeo and other services if you're planning a video shoot in Miami not only will you have access to some of the most over the top party venues Miami has to offer you'll have hundreds of thousands of eyes waiting for you.

But you're an artist. You're a voice. You probably don't know how to shoot a music video like Pitbull. You need video production source of expertise and ability. Music video directors may not win Oscars, but they work very tightly. When you see a dozen women having fun and spraying champagne all over each other in a club with a laser light show in the background nothing happening in the scene is spontaneous.

From another angle that same set might be a completely different location. Most music videos are shot very quickly. Getting the most out every location is an amazingly valuable tool. Every angle needs to be captured and every jump cut, insert and cutaway needs to be shot. "What do you mean we didn't get that?" is not a good mantra in the editing room.

A choice of Miami video production offers some of the world’s most sophisticated and exciting clubs, beaches, boats and even dazzling architecture. This city of bright lights, culture and physical enjoyment is a fine marinade for inspiration. Good videos have made songs for you, and they've made them for your audience. Video remains king.


Commercial shoot locations in Miami

Not too long ago many commercials were filmed on South Beach. Now in 2013 Wynwood has become the epicenter for filming most of all Miami commercials. Wynwood is Miami's art district and the last underdeveloped area of Miami. Full of murals and home to several bars and restaurants, the area is great for filming all types of commercials.

This Victoria's Secret commercial featured "Angels" strutting their stuff around Wynwood in high heels draped over Lamborghini's.

Victoria Secret chose to film their latest commercial in Wynwood and boy did they make it sexy! With so much eye candy already in Wynwood, these beautiful models took it to a whole another level. What happens when sex meets Wynood? Play the video and find out!

When choosing a filming location in Miami its important not be too far away from hotels and the I95. This is why Wynwood has become the best location in Miami for filming commercials. If you are interested in looking for a location in Miami for filming commercials then Soho Studios is the ideal choice for directors. With 70,000 sq ft of production space, Soho Studios offers everything a director and film crew will need for filming their commercial shoot. If you need one large space then look no further then our Armory Studio. The Armory is the largest studio in Miami. This studio has 33,000 sq ft of productions space that's ideal for filming commercials.