Commercial Photography in Miami

Miami, Florida has become a Mecca for photographers and agencies looking for just the right backdrops for their work. It offers the intensity of a diverse metropolitan area, yet is just minutes away from sand, palm trees, and crystal clear blue waters. Miami photo shoot locations offer photographers in Miami the ability to create using everything from multi-million dollar mansions to the faces of hard working street vendors.

More and more commercial photographers are discovering Soho Studios as one of the best Miami venues for professional film and photography. Soho Studios offer over 65,000 square feet of versatile space. It is large enough to shoot a fleet of cars, yet it can be intimate enough for a lingerie campaign.

Located in Miami’s trendy Wynwood District, Soho Studios provides the exclusivity and privacy needed for photo and video sessions involving even the biggest names in the entertainment business. In circumstances where confidentiality, security, and privacy are critical, the team at Soho Studios can deliver.

If you are considering a commercial photography location, need space with the capability to provide remarkably diverse backdrops, or are even producing a music video, consider Miami, Florida and Soho Studios. We are South Florida’s premier photography studio, music venue, and convention space facility. We offer event space Miami and South Florida utilizes for a variety of projects, meetings, and shows. We have been transformed into party venues Miami is building its reputation on. Our world-class clientele includes names like Absolut, Puma, Ford Motor, Evian and American Apparel and many more.

Have an idea or concept? Contact the team at Soho Studios. Our network of South Florida vendors and suppliers can help you facilitate getting your commercial photography project done at the highest of levels. Our experienced staff can offer you the assistance to deliver your project to the most uncompromising of standards. There are photography studios in Miami…and then there is Soho Studios. Versatility, experience, and responsiveness. For commercial photography in Miami, choose Soho Studios.

Filming Location in Miami

Choosing the right filming location in Miami can be the hardest part of a director's job. There are many important factors involved when choosing a filming location in Miami, such as the distance from Miami International Airport and the close proximity of hotels. This is sometimes an overlooked part when choosing a filming location as most directors and production teams mainly look for the right studio in Miami that has the necessary dimensions for the shoot in question. Height plays an important roll in the decision making process as well the depth. Depending on the size of studio, height, length and width will most likely be the overriding factor when choosing a filming location in Miami. No other studio are capable of holding large production. As a filming location in Miami, Soho Studios has upto 100,000 sq ft of production space in Miami. Thinking of filming in Miami? Take a look at our Armory Studio, it has 33,000 sq ft of production space in Miami with all the power a director can dream of.

Puma filmed Bolt and other superstars last year before the Olympics for Puma's Evo speed Commercial.

Make sure that as you narrow down your filming locations in Miami and remember that you may need more space that you initially thought.