Why You Need to Use Drones for Your Next Event


Who wants aerial coverage? We do, and you should too. Drones have made several appearances in 2017, and they’re popping up more frequently. You should invest, because they’re becoming a go-to resource for event marketers, brand promotion teams and event backers. If you want to have a successful, engaging event, take to the skies. Here’s why:

Outdoor Safety Precision

What? You don’t need a weather radar? Well, not exactly. You should still check the day’s forecast. You should also still invest in a security guard. Drones can pack high-end cameras, however, and they can hit regularly inaccessible angles. Whether you’re fearing crowd control issues or security breaches, a droned camera, really, is your best bet.

Facebook’s Favorite Livestream Tool

Facebook is already a popular event media platform. If you want to ramp up your event’s visibility, you should outfit your platform with a drone. Already, event marketers are using DJI drones to stream Facebook Live video. Let’s face it: Social media visibility is the best visibility. Live video via drone provides an immersive experience. It also offers an unrivaled POV.

Mobile-Controlled Mobile Hotspots

Strangely enough, you can use a drone as a WiFi hotspot for mobile devices. Drones can be makeshift cell towers, if you launch them correctly. If your WiFi networks are getting crowded, consider using a drone to boost patron reception. Your attendees will thank you.

Everyone Wants Quick Action

If you’re tired of wheeling around massive equipment, settle for something more agile. Today’s event drones weigh under 55 pounds, on average, and they’re capable of covering tight angles with the push of a button. Sometimes, the event area is too tough to cover, ground-wise. If this is the case, circumvent the headaches by using aerial coverage. Just makes sure you have FAA permission, first.

The Bird’s-Eye View

If you thought mobile-controlled drones were cool, you haven’t seen anything yet—literally. Pilots, now, can use specialized goggles to get a drone’s-eye perspective. You can also have a copilot who watches the physical equipment. Assuming you’re not understaffed, the combination makes for excellent footage coverage. A lot of todays’ event planners are hiring professional pilots to manage their drone activities. Yes, professional drone pilots exist.

At the end of the day, a drone is worth its weight in maneuverability. Before you invest, make sure you’ve got the gumption to repair, upgrade and replace when needed. Move your events at the speed of flight, and outfit your brand with a high-in-the-sky view.

How to Draw a Crowd to Your Live Stream


Live streams are invaluable marketing tools, but they’re constantly evolving. If you’re struggling to gain viewers, broadcast effectively and garner audiences, check out our tips below. Today, an impactful livestream utilizes relevancy, excitement and adaptability to succeed. If you want to boost your viewership, take charge with your creativity.

Tip One: Make a Scene, and Stick to It

While adaptability is important, you should still stick to a general voice. Consistency is key in growing a fan base, and it’s vital to your stream’s success. Be on time, and make sure you have at least 15 minutes set aside for early and late viewers. Your live steam’s predictability, overall, will determine its success.

Tip Two: Get High-Quality Equipment

Poor quality video deters viewers. You won’t sustain a long-term fan base unless you’ve directed your dollars into high-quality equipment. High-quality equipment circumnavigates server congestion, prevents viewing issues and assures good content delivery.

Tip Three: Make the Steam Easy to Find

Don’t try to control your audience’s viewing habits. Make your platform accessible—and make it adaptable. Hook it into Facebook and Twitch, and make sure viewers at all locations can sit down at a moment’s notice. As for location: Make sure it’s flexible. Few things kill a live stream like a rigid, inoperable filming location.

Tip Four: Shareability is King

Invest in engagement tools. If you’re like Toy Group—who’s shareable on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else—you’ll make a difference. Instead of having thousands of shareable photos, you should align them with your video strategy. Shareable content is well-curated, beautiful and easily digested. Even if your content is text-based, it should be enticing for readers. In the social networking world, power is derived from enticement.

Tip Five: Prioritize Mobile Accessibility

In 2017, mobile access governs digital marketing strategies—and for good reason. If a media campaign is mobile-accessible, it’ll succeed. Don’t segment your audience by restricting mobile access. Instead, make sure mobile access is more than an option. Make it a primary avenue. Today, a large percentage of Internet surfers conduct research, use Facebook and share media via their smartphones. If you can secure a quality viewing space in the mobile world, you’ll succeed.

To draw live stream viewers, make sure your content is worthwhile. Nearly everyone is on a livestream, and modern livestream quality isn’t very high. There’s a lot of white noise out there, and you’ll need to surpass it to survive, thrive and become a sensation. Take your time, plan out your content and prioritize social media and mobile access.

Engaging the audience with Porsche's Spirited Escape

As part of the Boxster ad campaign, Porsche and Men's Journal joined forces with former NFL star and current adventure traveler Dhani Jones. Driving a bright red Boxster, Jones takes to the streets, back roads and mountain curves of the East Coast in Spirited Escapes. This seven-episode videologue followed Jones as he talks to tradesmen who are living in different regions on the eastern highways as noted by Porsche Cars North America. This marketing campaign blurs the lines of product and service of both the Boxster and the goods made by the men in the videos. Through the subliminal metaphors of quality, craftsmanship and simplicity, you take away the feeling that Porsche designers and American tradesmen have forged a common bond.

Watch Video - Porsche's Spirited Escape Kick Off

Using the aspect of social engagement, a term that is increasingly becoming a part of the Internet world through the use of social media to drive page rankings, Porsche takes experiential marketing onto the streets. They have found a way to recognize the common ground between luxury car manufacturers and butchers, bicycle builders, music producers, journalists, and fishing instructors. The videos showcase Americans from Brooklyn to Birmingham, extending beyond regional dividing lines. A satisfactory showcase of experiential marketing, this ad campaign brings the Boxster within reach of a wider audience than possibly it ever has before now.

Soho Studios in Miami FL

If you are looking for a way to drive social engagement into your next ad campaign, consider the accessibility of events in Florida. At Soho Studios, the premium venue in Miami, your limit is beyond the sky. We offer a 65,000 sq. ft. space that offers multifunctional opportunities for ad campaigns and experiential marketing. Create a state of the art showcase for the largest and most diverse audience in the Southeast at this Miami locale. You will be in the same place that hosts the legendary Ultra Music Festival each year, as well as high end Miami Fashion Week and the experimental Art Basel Miami. Whether you are looking for a space to provide an interactive exhibit, or you need a diverse space where you can shoot your next video, Soho Studios is the place to be.

Commercial Photography in Miami

Miami, Florida has become a Mecca for photographers and agencies looking for just the right backdrops for their work. It offers the intensity of a diverse metropolitan area, yet is just minutes away from sand, palm trees, and crystal clear blue waters. Miami photo shoot locations offer photographers in Miami the ability to create using everything from multi-million dollar mansions to the faces of hard working street vendors.

More and more commercial photographers are discovering Soho Studios as one of the best Miami venues for professional film and photography. Soho Studios offer over 65,000 square feet of versatile space. It is large enough to shoot a fleet of cars, yet it can be intimate enough for a lingerie campaign.

Located in Miami’s trendy Wynwood District, Soho Studios provides the exclusivity and privacy needed for photo and video sessions involving even the biggest names in the entertainment business. In circumstances where confidentiality, security, and privacy are critical, the team at Soho Studios can deliver.

If you are considering a commercial photography location, need space with the capability to provide remarkably diverse backdrops, or are even producing a music video, consider Miami, Florida and Soho Studios. We are South Florida’s premier photography studio, music venue, and convention space facility. We offer event space Miami and South Florida utilizes for a variety of projects, meetings, and shows. We have been transformed into party venues Miami is building its reputation on. Our world-class clientele includes names like Absolut, Puma, Ford Motor, Evian and American Apparel and many more.

Have an idea or concept? Contact the team at Soho Studios. Our network of South Florida vendors and suppliers can help you facilitate getting your commercial photography project done at the highest of levels. Our experienced staff can offer you the assistance to deliver your project to the most uncompromising of standards. There are photography studios in Miami…and then there is Soho Studios. Versatility, experience, and responsiveness. For commercial photography in Miami, choose Soho Studios.

What every event website should have

Promoting your event online takes more than just a Facebook page. Each event should have its own website and what it includes can be critical in the success of your event. If you are into event planning, knowing what should be included can empower you.

Ease of Use

Keep all of the important information upfront and visible. If your event is more complicated break it down into segments with easy to read click-thru buttons.

Sell the Location and Atmosphere

Each venue has its own style and assets. If you’ve chosen your venue properly, you’ll want to explain the benefits of it to your potential attendees. Include information about the location, atmosphere, parking, and acoustics. Selling the atmosphere can be a big plus that some event websites don’t take full advantage of.

Online Ticket Sales

Security issues can make selling tickets online more complicated that it may at first seem. That’s why dealing with an off-site vendor like TicketWeb is a great option. TicketWeb is a safe, easy way for promoters to offer online ticket sales to potential customers easily.


Video is becoming the most popular way to sell on the internet. It is also a great way to show attendees what they can expect. Keep in mind YouTube is a powerful search engine, and videos placed on YouTube and shown on your site can gain you valuable viewers.

Social Media

WordPress has an easy to use plug-ins that can help you spread the word through social media. These including Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. Winter Music Conference swears by social media when promoting their events, as has been said in past WMC panel discussions.

Valuable Event Plug-Ins

Other valuable plug-ins available for websites include:

For contact forms Gravity forms has a nice plug-in.

If your event includes speakers, TopQuark has an efficient way to get them listed on one web page, including a link to their bios and other info.

Want to live chat with site visitors while getting real time stats on where they are coming from? Check out Woopra.

At Soho Studios our experience in marketing events on the web can be an asset for you. We are pleased to help you in any way we can in making your event a success.

A kaleidoscope of color and RETAIL

If you were at this American Apparel sale you'll remember the aisles of color and stylishly dressed mannequins. It was a huge success and winning combination - Retail and Style in Wynwood, Miami!

The Armory at Soho Studios is the largest under-air section of the property, at roughly 40k sqft. This space is versatile and has been used for car expos, business conferences, film studios, concerts, and retail. American Apparel hosted their annual Warehouse Sale at Soho Studios and the people came from across South Florida to shop and save.

The time lapse video is amazing, it's the evolution of shopping and the organic nature of retail. American Apparel is perfect to demonstrate this point because of their vivid colors in each part of their collection. It's a kaleidoscope, a new way to experience retail.

Stay tuned to Soho Studios for more fun events and especially sales. This is the perfect place to run wild in a retail wonder-world.

If you remember the American Apparel Warehouse sale, drop us a line and comment.

Remembering Winter Music Conference and Swedish House Mafia

This time lapse video is a great sneak peek into the life, gears, and production of a awesome event at Soho Studios.

During the past Winter Music Conference, Absolut Vodka showcased Greyhound alongside Swedish House Mafia. This private event was a perfect example of style, class, and overall entertainment at its best. Wynwood has become the launch ground for brands across all industries.

This was one of the hottest parties during last year's Winter Music Conference. This coming year, we're anticipating that the excitement will increase and the celebrations will keep on rolling.

What are your Winter Music Conference plans this year?