Engaging the audience with Porsche's Spirited Escape

As part of the Boxster ad campaign, Porsche and Men's Journal joined forces with former NFL star and current adventure traveler Dhani Jones. Driving a bright red Boxster, Jones takes to the streets, back roads and mountain curves of the East Coast in Spirited Escapes. This seven-episode videologue followed Jones as he talks to tradesmen who are living in different regions on the eastern highways as noted by Porsche Cars North America. This marketing campaign blurs the lines of product and service of both the Boxster and the goods made by the men in the videos. Through the subliminal metaphors of quality, craftsmanship and simplicity, you take away the feeling that Porsche designers and American tradesmen have forged a common bond.

Watch Video - Porsche's Spirited Escape Kick Off

Using the aspect of social engagement, a term that is increasingly becoming a part of the Internet world through the use of social media to drive page rankings, Porsche takes experiential marketing onto the streets. They have found a way to recognize the common ground between luxury car manufacturers and butchers, bicycle builders, music producers, journalists, and fishing instructors. The videos showcase Americans from Brooklyn to Birmingham, extending beyond regional dividing lines. A satisfactory showcase of experiential marketing, this ad campaign brings the Boxster within reach of a wider audience than possibly it ever has before now.

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